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This month, we joined with over 17,000 partners to network and collaborate at Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington DC.

The Megaport team attended Microsoft’s largest global partner event for the second year running. We discovered new industry initiatives aligning with changes in the cloud market and learned about how our enterprise customers would benefit from them.

One Commercial Partner

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft, kicked the week off with his keynote, which established a strong commitment to the partner mission: to drive a whole customer solution; not simply one product, license, or geography. By empowering partners, enterprises will benefit from comprehensive cloud connectivity solutions. Microsoft is realigning towards simplifying and evolving partner-to-partner support and development, beginning with the announcement of the One Commercial Partner Organisation. Along with this initiative, Microsoft is also investing $250 million back into their partner community.

These resources will transform the way that the industry approaches enterprise engagement. By connecting with the right customers at the right time, better understanding them, and tailoring their cloud solutions, we can provide even better support in the execution of their cloud-enabled IT strategies. This will help in driving business outcomes so that they can achieve success in their respective industries. From the top down, Microsoft’s partner-led ecosystem continues to promote growth in local economies.

Azure Stack

The announcement of Microsoft’s Azure Stack reinforces the notion that hybrid cloud is now a reality for many, and the industry has made a huge impact on its evolution. Fuelled by the need to overcome regulation, data privacy, and latency constraints, Azure Stack will be a game changer in producing hybrid solutions for enterprise customers. It will bring cloud computing to on-premise environments so that enterprises can execute their cloud strategy with a far more efficient and agile approach.

Azure Stack will be an intuitive tool to leverage within Megaport’s services. Customers who consume Azure Stack through our Network will be able to leverage rapid and flexible connections for deployments while benefiting from modern cloud applications that best meet business and regulatory requirements.

Key Points

A snapshot of the key learnings we have taken away from Microsoft Inspire 2017 includes:

  • Industry partners are optimising the ways in which they execute customers’ cloud-enabled IT strategies, and Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Organisation aims to empower this change
  • As hybrid cloud transforms enterprises’ cloud strategies, rapid and flexible connections  to cloud environments become crucial; Microsoft’s Azure Stack takes care of any regulatory requirements
  • Technology continues to solve business challenges, and cloud connection plays a significant part in driving these solutions; partners who are empowered with resources can deliver comprehensive strategies to enterprises

Microsoft Inspire 2017
was a valuable event to attend; we built long-lasting connections, delved into industry changes, and got a snapshot of what’s to come. Above all, we always enjoy supporting our key partners, and Microsoft is no exception. Our team will be there, next year, at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas!



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