Microsoft Ignite 2018: Announcements and Insights

All the announcements coming up at Microsoft Ignite 2018 that you need to know about.

Microsoft is gearing up for its annual tech conference, Ignite, where the industry congregates to get the latest insights and skills from leaders and practitioners shaping the future of cloud, data, business intelligence, teamwork, and productivity. Each year, Microsoft uses this ultimate tech conference to announce innovative new products, services, and updates. 2018 is no exception and we’ve got the lowdown on what’s to come.

ExpressRoute Direct (Public Preview)

Event-goers will get a public preview of ExpressRoute Direct, the new service providing customers with the ability to connect directly to Microsoft’s global backbone at 100Gbps. This provides physical isolation, dedicated capacity, and burst capacity to utilise Microsoft’s global backbone to access Azure regions at tremendous scale. This is also backed by Microsoft’s enterprise-grade 99.95% SLA for port pair availability.

The Specs:

  • ExpressRoute Direct provides customers with direct 100Gbps port pairs into the Microsoft network.
  • Customers can obtain letters of authorisation to physically cross-connect directly to Microsoft ExpressRoute routers or obtain through network providers like Megaport and co-location providers.
  • A select number of ExpressRoute peering locations will support this at public preview. The available ports will be dynamic and will be available by PowerShell to view the capacity.
  • ExpressRoute Direct will be billed for the port pair at a fixed amount. Standard circuits will be included at no additional hours and premium will have a slight add-on charge. Egress will be billed on a per circuit basis.

ExpressRoute Global Reach

Microsoft continues to extend its Azure regions, edge sites, and miles of fiber across the globe. The introduction of Microsoft’s Global Reach allows multinational companies to exchange data across remote Azure sites by connecting together their ExpressRoute circuits. Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States with more locations announced later in the year.

The Specs:

  • There is an add-on fee for enabling ExpressRoute Global Reach on each ExpressRoute circuit. Traffic between your sites enabled by ExpressRoute Global Reach will be billed for ingress and egress. The rates are based on where the ExpressRoute circuits are located.
  • The network throughput between your on-premises networks, enabled by ExpressRoute Global Reach, is capped by the smaller of the two ExpressRoute circuits.

Ignite will also be the platform for announcements and further learning on the following.


  • Virtual WAN
  • Virtual Network Gateways
  • Virtual Network (VNet)
  • Azure DNS
  • Network Monitoring

Application Protection:

  • Azure Firewall – General Availability
  • Virtual Network TAP
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Interface Endpoints SQL
  • Service Endpoint Policies
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation Reports and Flow Logs

Application Delivery:

  • Azure CDN – General Availability
  • Azure Front Door – Preview
  • Application Gateway
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Traffic Manager

Here is a list of networking sessions you cannot miss:

Microsoft Ignite Sessions

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