Megaport VXCs

The VXC offering at Megaport is being well taken up with a number of VXCs already active in Sydney. With the infrastructure cabling in Brisbane and Melbourne now complete Megaport is also proud to announce the availability of inter-capital VXCs.

For those who are unfamiliar, a VXC (or Virtual X-Connect) is a point-to-point ethernet link between two Megaports. The VXC is delivered as a VLAN on the interface and is available at daily, monthly and annual rates with no minimum contract. VXCs are billed as flat rate within the metro and with a usage rate for inter-capital. Metro VXCs are not rate-limited by default but can be limited in 1Gbps increments at the customers discretion. Inter-capital VXCs can be ordered from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps in 100Mb increments.

New and existing Megaport customers are able to get access to free metro VXCs and 100Mbps of free inter-capital VXCs during the Test Drive phase. Speak to one of the guys or fill out the contact form online if you’d like more information on the Test Drive.