Megaport rocket launches into the US

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We are thrilled to announce that Megaport will expand into seven US markets in Q3/Q4 of 2015!

Launched in Australia in 2013 as the first elastic interconnection platform, Megaport expanded into New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong in early 2015 and we have plans to repeat our success by doing the same thing in North America. We have built a strong base of global strategic carrier, content, and enterprise customers who are committed to go with us where we build. This creates strategic value for our customers and instant access to a rich, global ecosystem of participants on day one.

We’re set to launch in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Bay Area, Ashburn, Chicago, and Dallas. As part of this expansion we’re also establishing a US headquarters in San Francisco and assembling a stellar team of people based in region to better serve our customers and strategic alliance partners. We believe the US market is the next logical step in our vision to create a ubiquitous services fabric where any user from any Megaport connected data center can connect to a service anywhere in the world. For more details on our North American expansion please see our latest press release here.

While our first market is planned to launch in September, we are offering pre-launch customers incentives to join Megaport now.

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