Megaport ONE Beta Is Available Now. Here’s How You Can Use It

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Our feature-rich network, compute, and orchestration platform is here. Find out how it can simplify and future-proof your network.


  1. Why Megaport ONE?
  2. Your new dashboard
  3. Feature: discovery
  4. Feature: insights
  5. Feature: compute
  6. How to get started

In 2013, the networking landscape looked pretty different to how it looks today. Cloud interconnection, edge computing, and distributed security weren’t much more than hypothetical conversations; rather, it was all about how to just get to the cloud.

Megaport was registered as a company in June 2013, becoming one of the world’s first SDN-based elastic interconnection platforms and helping customers get to the cloud more quickly and affordably than they’d ever been able to before.

A lot can happen in ten years, and today, getting to the cloud is just the first step. Many people now confidently claim AI will be to the 2020s what the internet was to the 2000s. Post-COVID, achieving global reach with minimal data center footprint is a standard rather than a novelty. Multicloud setups are growing more complex, with 60% of businesses predicting they will be using four or more Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers by 20241. And security is more critical than ever as hackers have made examples of giants like Microsoft and Facebook, proving you’re only ever one vulnerability away from data disaster.

With our current suite of solutions and capabilities, Megaport has transformed the way businesses connect to the cloud over the last decade. But for the next decade, we’re focused on the next step – converging cloud and compute.

Say hello to a more simplified, scalable way of managing your ever-growing infrastructure with Megaport ONE beta – set to change networking as you know it.

Why Megaport ONE?

Megaport ONE offers networking, compute, and orchestration capabilities through a single pane of glass, so users can oversee and simplify management of even the most complex infrastructure with access to detailed insights.

The feature-rich portal has the tools to discover, deploy, and manage the compute and network required to implement AI and ML capabilities into enterprise solutions. Businesses can orchestrate compute to their cloud providers in just a few clicks, and search a global database of available GPUs to spin up the power needed for these models instantly.

If you already use our classic portal, consider Megaport ONE your upgrade to the premium version. The key NaaS features you’re used to in our classic portal are also available in Megaport ONE – plus, you get unparalleled insights, visibility, and compute orchestration capabilities. Take a look at these new capabilities, available to you even if you’re not a Megaport customer.

Meet your new dashboard

The new Megaport ONE dashboard gives you detailed oversight of your entire global network at a glance. See real-time stats on your deployments, compute clusters, and applications, with a map that shows your full suite of network products and services on a global scale.

Have a lot of infrastructure and just want to see networking or compute resources? Your map has toggle filters for both resource types so you can do this instantly. Simply scroll down to see recent deployments, and click on any of them to get more information.

This is only the beginning – more features will be added to our dashboard soon.


Previously, users supported our classic portal’s network discovery functionality by using our enabled locations webpage and network latency tool, as well as directly contacting our solutions team. Now, with Megaport ONE’s discovery functionality, you can get full control over your network designs with all the information you need at your fingertips.

These discovery tools enable you to find your perfect deployment options based on your A-end, service provider, capacity requirements, and latency – and they even extend to our compute functionality, too.

You can choose to find your perfect deployment by starting with your preferred cloud provider, cloud on-ramp, or data center. Other filters, like port speed, help you get more granular if you want to be more specific. Our intelligent visual results will show you the best deployment options to get the best network connection for your needs.

See just how easy it is to locate your favorite cloud on-ramps.


Not only do we enable our customers’ AI and ML efforts with our elastic interconnection platform, we also leverage AI and ML in Megaport ONE so you can elevate your insights and get seamless capacity management.

When you navigate to the Insights tab, you can access detailed predictions data. With our AI and ML capabilities for insights, you can get detailed historical and predictive data, and set up alerts to notify you when you reach a capacity threshold or similar.

Smart filters also allow you to view your data differently depending on what you want to learn about your network use. Smart predictions and trend overlays give you a huge number of ways to slice this data and learn more about your network use.

You can even download and edit insight visuals for team updates and presentations, perfect for monthly or quarterly planning documents, budgeting exercises, and team updates.

Here’s just one way to use our smart insights with network utilization.


Multicloud doesn’t have to be complicated. Megaport is changing how DevOps and Network Engineering teams work together for faster, more agile development, meaning reduced time to market and quicker innovation.

With Megaport ONE’s compute function you can simplify your multicloud from a compute perspective, connecting to and between your resources with easy private network deployment. Plus, it helps you streamline and consolidate your DevOps and Network Engineering workflows for simpler application deployments.

The Compute tab in Megaport ONE gives you the ability to deploy, monitor, and manage your compute resources, in any cloud, all in one place, eliminating the need to navigate inconsistencies and different process flows between platforms in a multicloud environment. Pair that with the quick and easy deployment of private network to connect your compute resources, and you can optimize multicloud performance from the onset of your new deployments – something you know and love about Megaport today. In addition, Megaport ONE provides enhanced visibility of compute and network resources, so you can more easily manage all your cloud based infrastructure.

This example of using our compute functionality to deploy a GPU-enabled Kubernetes cluster in AWS shows the level of detail you can go to.

How to get started

Already use the Megaport Portal? Next time you visit, you’ll be presented with two options – to use our Classic Portal or try Megaport ONE Beta. Simply select the Megaport ONE Beta option to start using all these features and more.

Don’t have access to the Megaport Portal yet? Visit to learn more about getting started.

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