Megaport Makes New Oracle Cloud Regions Available in Europe

Megaport Makes New Oracle Cloud Regions Available in Europe

  • September 22, 2021

Megaport has added several new on-ramps to Oracle Cloud throughout Europe. We detail the benefits for Oracle Cloud and Megaport customers.

Both medium and large enterprises in Scandinavia and beyond are increasingly becoming frequent users of Oracle Cloud services. As cloud-native operations continue to dominate all levels of applications and businesses, this growth trend is only going to continue.

Until recently, connectivity to Oracle Cloud had to go through one of the original OCI locations within mainland Europe. But now, with Oracle expanding their global cloud footprint to support triple-digit growth , these options have been significantly expanded. But where have these expansions happened, and what do they mean for you as an Oracle Cloud and Megaport customer?

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In line with Oracle Cloud’s expansion, Megaport has recently been able to add two new Oracle Cloud on-ramp locations:

  1. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Marseilles, France

In addition to these new on-ramps, Megaport has a comprehensive matrix of locations within the European region, which include Frankfurt, Germany, London, United Kingdom, and Zurich, Switzerland.

The benefits

As a result of these new integrations, Oracle-connected Megaport customers in proximity to these new on-ramps will experience:

  • Lower latency: More connection points equals shorter data migration routes and thus lower latency, resulting in more reliable connectivity and a better end-user application experience.
  • Reduced costs: With Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) in closer proximity to originating locations, data transport and its resulting fees can be reduced.
  • Improved data sovereignty: Shortened data traffic routes reduce the transit time of data, keeping customer workloads more secure and making it easier to comply with EU data regulations.
  • Faster provisioning: In addition to lower latency, provisioning of services on Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) to Oracle FastConnect can now be expedited from locations in proximity to the new on-ramps, improving network speed even further.

Plus, this integration doesn’t just benefit OCI-connected Megaport customers locally. With the new on-ramp additions, these three regions are now more quickly and easily accessible for customers seeking Oracle Cloud connectivity from anywhere in the world.

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A common use case

Let’s look at a common example of an enterprise in Europe connected to Oracle Cloud and how these additional on-ramps can support them. A customer in Sweden has a hybrid cloud mix of workloads and applications based in regional Scandinavian branches, data centres, and in the cloud. Before the new integrations, their data journey to and from Oracle Cloud via Megaport would have looked like this:

Oracle Cloud Europe before Stockholm on-ramp addition.

Connectivity to Oracle Cloud in this instance has been achieved via one of the original Oracle Cloud core locations in Frankfurt. In this scenario, latency and performance can be compromised by the back-and-forth hops data has to make before reaching its destination.

Now, with the addition of a new on-ramp in Stockholm, the customer’s data journey looks like this:

Oracle Cloud Europe After Stockholm Region Addition

Latency-sensitive applications which weren’t previously viable for this customer are now possible due to the shortened proximity between their on-prem infrastructure and the nearby cloud on-ramp in Stockholm. High-performance database functions and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) applications can now be built out of Oracle Cloud Stockholm, for example.


Megaport is continually evaluating customer demand for additional on-ramps to Oracle Cloud around the world. Keep up to date on all of our global Megaport enabled locations here.

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