Megaport Launches in Japan

Megaport launches in Japan

Megaport expands to Japan, where cloud connectivity demand is increasing across various industries operating in today’s cloud-first environment.

Japan is expected to spend $7.4 Billion in public cloud services in 2019. That puts them in the world’s top five countries consuming cloud services, according to IDC. As an innovation engine, Japan has always pushed the boundaries of technology. This, coupled with the Government’s dedication to funding cloud services, and the growing investment into public and private ICT infrastructure, has positioned Japan as a cloud-first nation.

Launching Megaport connectivity in Japan

Today, Megaport launched services in Japan, adding another highly valuable market to our global footprint. Our customers now have access to even more unique data centres, cloud onramps, and service providers to support their local and global IT needs. Tokyo is the world’s sixth largest financial market and is a major hub for the financial services industry. Additionally, multinational companies doing business in Japan can take advantage of a variety of leading data centre providers to power their business applications and better service their customers and end users. Our footprint will include data centres with @Tokyo, Colt, Equinix, MC-Digital Realty, NEC, NTT Data, and Telehouse. With Megaport’s on demand, point and click provisioning, it’s never been easier to get connected to Japan.

Enabling Japanese enterprise in the cloud

Doing smarter, faster, and easier business is synonymous with cloud computing. Network architecture must be a major consideration for enabling the enterprise to access cloud services and applications, and transport their workloads efficiently, securely, and scalably. Megaport is the first global, neutral, Software Defined Interconnection service to enable Japan with cloud connectivity. Customers can access cloud onramps based in Japan to take advantage of local cloud regions for local cloud enablement – keeping the applications close to end users and optimising for latency and performance. They can also utilise the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) to access over 140 onramps around the globe to enable a global footprint for hybrid and multicloud services.

The next phase of cloud in Japan

As the cloud market in Japan increases, businesses are using several cloud providers to create a holistic IT architecture. This multicloud trend has put more emphasis on the need for a network architecture that enables cloud-to-cloud connectivity. By directly connecting cloud providers and enabling them to communicate with one another, applications can benefit from better performance due to reduced round-trip latency and predictable performance over a dedicated connection. Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) simplifies cloud-to-cloud connections by managing IP routing on behalf of the customer. This means there’s no need to procure or manage physical routers, and the provisioning of connections is managed through our web-based portal. In fact, Oracle and Google recommend using MCR to connect their cloud services to third party cloud. Customers in Japan can use MCR to enable this cloud-to-cloud capability between local and global cloud services.

In the first quarter of 2020, Megaport will expand to Osaka, Japan. We will deploy to more data centres and connect with more cloud onramps to provide greater choice to our customers and partners. In the coming months we will provide more details about our growing footprint and the services you can expect to access on demand.

Quick use case:

A global leading hospitality and entertainment company, with 65,000 employees and $5 Billion in annual revenue, pursued a dedicated connectivity solution to undertake a fast and flexible digital transformation process. To achieve this, the company worked with Megaport to:

  • complete a two-phase digital transformation project on time and under budget.
  • migrate a two-petabyte (2PB) on-premises Apache Hadoop platform to Microsoft Azure.
  • save on time and costs by moving data over to Azure in 26 days – a 93% decrease in the typical time frame needed to complete a full migration over VPN.
  • establish connectivity to Google Cloud Platform, creating a high-performance multicloud network architecture.

Compared to the public internet, Megaport provided the Company with reliable, efficient, and fast connectivity to complete their digital transformation initiatives.

We’ve enabled direct connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers in Japan with Megaport available in Tokyo. And we’ve only just gotten started in this key, strategic market. More information about our Japan launch is available in our Press Release.

To find out how our expansion into this new market could benefit your network strategy, feel free to reach out here.

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