Introducing Megaport-in-a-Box (Schrödinger’s Megaport)

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We would like to introduce Megaport-in-a-Box, our new data centre enablement program! This online program creates the ability for data centre operators to include Megaport as part of their data centre offering, cloud connectivity strategy, and internal cross connect solution.

Simply put, it’s a service designed to match our product to your data centres by assessing the suitability on both ends. It’s an opportunity for you to get the benefits of Megaport to your data centres, allowing for additional connectivity and expanding your service offering.

More simply put, it’s like Beauty and the Geek with more sophisticated matchmaking skills. Except that we’re all geeks. And we’re all beautiful.

In all seriousness, if you have a data centre, you can apply for Megaport to go in and provide additional connectivity, free local peering, and direct interconnection with our vast network of cloud providers.

Our Global Ecosystem will grow to include your centre and we will market you as part of our footprint. It’s a rad situation for everyone involved. Click on through to read more about what criteria needs to be met as well as the specifics of the program.



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