Megaport is Here to Help Boost New Zealand Cloud Adoption

Like many innovative businesses across the world, Enterprises in New Zealand are looking to ride the wave of cloud adoption. A February 2015 Red Hat report titled, “ANZ Cloud Adoption Index,” reports that the top two benefits Enterprise organisations hope to derive from a cloud strategy are “Increased agility and Decreased cost.”

Two key issues NZ Enterprises are solving for, as evidenced in the Red Hat report, are “Network infrastructure” and “Slow internal processes.” These benefits and problems, outlined by Red Hat, are the very reason we decided to bring our SDN-enabled, elastic interconnection fabric to New Zealand.

The Megaport solution allows you to increase agility, and reduce costs by:
– Purchasing only the bandwidth you need, when you need it
– Instantly provisioning new connectivity in minutes
– Utilising a highly-intuitive, self-service portal to plan and acquire capacity
– Accessing tools to discover cloud services in your operating region
– Leveraging multi-cloud architecture over one common platform

So what does this mean for your cloud strategy? It means you can access multiple cloud providers and Internet peering services in a matter of minutes, without having to order separate telco circuits to each cloud provider, thus reducing costs, and increasing agility. It means your time to turn-up and turn-down capacity goes from months to minutes and your processes around network management are greatly simplified and accelerated. And last but by no means least, your performance and security is greatly increased through direct, predictable-path connectivity.

We have seen an increase of over 1,000% cloud interconnections across our Australian platform. The number of these unique cloud interconnects is ramping faster. Here at Megaport we are committed to further acceleration and dropping barriers to entry so we’ve designed a cloud connect pricebook to further reduce costs and TCO for moving to the cloud. For more information, check out our portal and visit the Design Studio in the Megaport Portal.

Oh, and one other thing, Megaport also runs one of the top Internet Exchange platforms in the region. So if you’re looking to connect to the cloud in the best way possible, or localize Internet traffic directly with broadband networks in New Zealand, we’re here to help.

The Red Hat ANZ Cloud Adoption Index can be found here:

Come see what we’re all about! We are hosting a local Auckland Happy Hour on November 19th!

Author: Megaport

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