Megaport Exchange

Megaport Exchange

We recently launched Megaport Exchange, a marketplace hosted on the Megaport Portal ( designed to connect our rich Ecosystem of providers to our global network of customers. We’re incredibly excited about expanding our service offering in this way and adding value to the participants on the platform.

It’s a great tool in the sense that Enterprise customers now have the capabilities to efficiently multi-source their IT services needs. They can connect to internet services, cloud service providers, managed services, and many others, right down to hosted voice, all from the same platform. In that respect, Megaport Exchange works as a one-stop shop for many of the IT services they need.

Traditionally, Enterprises had to source connectivity from multiple vendors individually. This was slow and costly and involved the provisioning of multiple connections. Megaport Exchange simplifies this approach, allowing Enterprise customers to source many of the critical services they require, all through a single interface. This enables ease of use when sourcing IT services, cuts down on time, and can reduce costs associated with provisioning and consuming capacity.

Key Features and Highlights of Megaport Exchange

  • Neutral, inclusive marketplace: Megaport is data centre agnostic, meaning that customers can access Megaport Exchange and tap into services by some of the world’s leading technology providers without being locked to a single data centre provider.
  • Rapid and agile connectivity: Enterprise customers can find and connect to providers around the world in as little as 59 seconds.
  • Self-serve: Putting the control back in the hands of Enterprise customers, they can connect with who they want when they want, to meet their specific business needs, in an easy to use manner.

For more information, check out the video below for a 53 second overview (we like to deliver things in under a minute) or check out our press release. And if you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post.

Camille Denning

Author: Camille Denning

Marketing Communications Manager

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