Europe: Our Team and what we’ve built

Strategy is important. Tactics and execution are paramount. But nothing is more important than the people on your team.

When doing business in Europe, one size does not fit all. Different languages, business customs, laws, regulations, and demand drivers manifest across national borders. This is true for the industry as a whole, where inconsistencies in processes entail varying terms, conditions, and costs.

The entire Megaport model is built on the single proposition that our users have a consistent and easy-to-use experience each and every time they order a service. While SDN can assist in the automation and orchestration of these provisions, it takes a team to bring together all of the minutiae that makes our service run the way that it does.

What this boils down to is having the right people.

Megaport Staff

It takes people to build and manage an Ecosystem of partners capable of delivering high value services. We need experts who understand network topology and provisioning processes within data centres and networks. Authorities, respected in their markets, help us drive our strategy and provide the insight we need to expand and reach new markets to connect with our customers. And, of course, we need the innovators and engineers to develop features and operate our platform. In building our go-to-market strategy for Europe, we kept all of this at the forefront of our minds.

The peering community around the world is already aware of the brand, European Commercial Internet Exchange (ECIX). They are a lean, smart and disruptive Internet Exchange operator with significant network within Germany. Culturally speaking, they are a lot like Megaport: small, nimble, and obsessively customer-focused. Not to mention a creative tech culture.


That culture comes from the team which is led by Stefan Wahl, Aydin Yildiz, and Kay Rechthien. They have been a driving force in leading ECIX to quite literally change the peering market in Germany. We have long-admired ECIX, their team, and their mission. So it is our desire to support bringing ECIX Internet Exchange services to more markets across the Megaport platform. We will ensure that the high-level of service and value from ECIX does not change. Our acquisition of ECIX brings 30 new locations across 8 metros to our footprint plus an awesome team of incredibly professional people.


Our other acquisition OM-NIX built up a great network to facilitate data transfer between network operators and top notch peering. This acquisition has enabled the growth of our network exponentially within Europe. Their approach to network flexibility, operator-neutrality, and level of service made aligning and integrating these values an organic process.

As a result of these strategic acquisitions, our combined European footprint spans 13 countries across 19 markets and 57 locations. That is a tremendous footprint with which to launch a new market!

Megaport European Footprint

But again, let’s keep the focus on people here.

mark-cooper-megaportBringing our European strategy together and running our sales initiatives will be Mark Cooper. He is joining Megaport on August 8 as VP of Sales, Europe. Mark brings with him an amazing amount of market knowledge and Internet Exchange business experience. He was previously with Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) where he was Chief Revenue Officer and prior to that, spearheaded strategy and marketing at Interxion. Mark has been a major part in expanding international business in his former roles. In fact, AMS-IX is a key IX partner with Megaport around the world.

Between the incredible and wide-reaching footprint and the amazing people joining our team, Megaport is in an excellent position to deliver Elastic Bandwidth and critical Internet Exchange services throughout Europe. The launch of our European expansion marks a major acceleration point in Megaport’s evolution. I could not be more proud of the Megaport team for bringing this all together. I am pumped to work with the newest members of our Megaport family!

If you would like more information about our services in Europe, or anything else for that matter, fill out the form below and we’ll get right back to you!


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