Megaport Delivers Around-the-World Connectivity with New Hong Kong to London Link

Megaport customers can now provision direct low-latency connections between Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

Hong Kong and London, two alpha world cities, are now joined via direct, rapid, and secure connectivity. We’re already seeing market trends like cloud adoption making a powerful impact on global industries, and Europe and Asia-Pacific are no exceptions. While, after a slow start, Western Europe has strongly taken to the cloud scene, an increased number of Hong Kong enterprises have realised the advantages of cloud. These enterprises are using cloud services to “…boost their business performance and to create innovative service offerings.” Considering the uptrend in financial industries migrating to cloud-first solutions, our link between two financial powerhouses–Hong Kong and London–will play an important part in accelerating this growth rate.

Enterprise Wide Area Networks (WAN) continue to expand in size and reach as hybrid cloud becomes the chosen architecture for companies looking to take advantage of scale and customisation. This is driving the need for IT backbone capacity to link together public cloud and private cloud infrastructure within, and between, metro areas. And, IT backbone is also a fundamental part of creating a global unified campus; linking together major corporate offices, campuses, and great concentrations of users. Our Hong Kong to London direct link simplifies the way enterprises approach this need by providing an optimal route that can be rapidly enabled by our network and ordered on our easy-to-use Portal. As with all connectivity options via Megaport, customers can right-size the capacity so they only purchase what they need.

The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 18 per cent in 2017 to total $246.8B; our vast Network breaks down geographical barriers to entry for cloud adoption. Connections can be made to service providers from any global Megaport-enabled location. Global demand has seen our footprint cover 41 cities across twelve countries. In building out this new link, Megaport customers have access to around-the-world connectivity as our infrastructure creates a complete web around the globe. Previously, the path between Hong Kong and London was only accessible via the US; deemed the ‘long way around’. Our new path reduces round trip time by around 100ms. This means customers can access a direct low-latency path between these cities, ensuring a shorter, more cost-effective journey.

For more information on our Hong Kong to London link, please fill out the form below.

Tina Tsui

Author: Tina Tsui

Senior Marketing Director

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