Megaport and Brocade Awarded with Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for 2015

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Megaport and Brocade win a joint innovation award for 2015

Last week Megaport and Brocade were honoured with a joint award from Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for 2015. This award notes the work we have done with our software stack using Brocade devices in the build out of our services infrastructure that is API-enabled and software driven across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

The Megaport fabric, which to date we have built using Brocade’s MLX devices as the hardware platform that we control with our SDN stack, has been a unique service offering since it was introduced as a concept in late 2013.

The Brocade MLX has excellent scaling capabilities and has been a trusted platform for Internet, cloud, and ethernet fabrics for many years across the industry, now. At Megaport we’ve shown yet another use case it can fulfil by using it in our elastic bandwidth model.

As the CEO and an employee of the company I’m always honoured to see us getting recognition for our technology accomplishments and the service delivery value we bring to our customers and partners. We have worked hard to create something unique with Megaport and are happy to see the industry and taking notice.

Thanks to those that nominated and voted for us for this award, but thanks most of all to our customers for believing in us, our product, and continuing to grow with us. That’s the best award we can ask for.

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