Media Roundup: Megaport’s 2021 Predictions

Media Roundup of Megaport 2021 Predictions

It’s prediction season and our team has brought out the crystal ball to see what the future will bring to technology, engineering, and the cloud in 2021. Here’s a roundup of our predictions from around the web.

The only things more common than New Year’s resolutions in January are New Year’s tech predictions. The Megaport team has brought out our crystal ball and we’re placing friendly bets on what we believe the future will bring in technology, engineering, cloud computing, edge computing, network automation, and cybersecurity in 2021.

Here are some of the best predictions from the Megaport team and other business leaders in tech from around the web: 

1. Future of work predictions for 2021: Nine experts have their say. (Verdict)

Nine experts including executives from Infosys,, and Megaport predict how the global COVID-19 pandemic will affect workforces in 2021. They discuss the rise of remote work, automation, and the need for upskilling in a post-pandemic economy.

Read this piece at Verdict.

2. The top predictions for cloud computing in 2021 (Enterprise Talk)

What will 2021 bring for cloud computing? With the rise of remote work in 2020, CIOs predict a continued acceleration of on-premises service migration to the cloud. In 2021, we’ll likely see the range of services expand to VoIP, as well as help desk and customer service operations like CCaaS (Contact Centre-as-a-Service) and UCaaS (Unified Communications-as-a-Service). Some IT leaders also predict the shift to the cloud will result in increased data security risk that will need to be mitigated.

Read the article at Enterprise Talk.

3. 2021 Cloud Predictions (Business Chief)

Misha Cetrone, our VP of Cloud Product, predicts that 2021 will bring about the multicloud supernova as 70% of organisations plan to increase their cloud spending due to the pandemic, according to a recent report from Gartner. He also expects edge computing to get edgier as workforces become more distributed. He believes organisations will rethink data centre connectivity as remote work will require networks to be agile and virtualised.

Read Misha’s predictions at Business Chief.

4. 2021 Technology Predictions (Business Chief)

Megaport CMO Eric Troyer predicts that CIOs will try to reduce their reliance on the public internet, opting for private connectivity to cloud services, which are more reliable and secure. He also predicts that cloud-to-cloud connectivity will become the norm as organisations look to reduce IT costs while optimising application performance.

Read Eric’s predictions at Business Chief.

5. 2021 Engineering Predictions (Business Chief)

John Veizades, our VP of Engineering and Product, predicts that the rapid expansion of IoT will continue in 2021, driving organisations to rethink their networking strategies in support of IoT and M2M environments. He also sees a rise in private networks to better secure enterprise data in a time of increased cybersecurity risk.

Read John’s predictions at Business Chief.

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