Joining the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association


Communities play an integral role in society by connecting people who share common values and interests. Whether it’s a small group of research scientists that share an interest in advancing medicine or a group of people that are passionate about swimming within a local city, communities exist to bring people and ideas together.

Bringing like-minded people together through forums, events, and online venues provides an invaluable opportunity in which knowledge can be shared, relationships formed, as well as many other benefits for both the individual and the community.

Today, there are several communities that exist within Internet and technology industries.

I’m excited to announce Megaport’s support and participation in APIX, the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association. By joining this group of Internet Exchange operators in the Asia Pacific region, we’re able collaborate with other experts and professionals to discuss challenges related to the future development of the Internet,

APIX ( is part of the Internet Exchange Federation ( which also includes similar groups based in other regions of the world, such as Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

We feel this is an important step for us, the industry, and most important, our customers. As network infrastructure evolves, and the role that software plays becomes more important than ever before, it’s important that we work together within specific technical domains to ensure we are building the Internet of tomorrow.

Christian Koch
Director, Global Interconnection

PS: Do you love networking, software, and working with like minded people on cool and innovative products? We’re hiring and would love to talk to you. Check out our careers page.

Gavin Tweedie

Author: Gavin Tweedie

Global Interconnection Director


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