ITW 2015 done and done

Megaport just wrapped up our ITW 2015 event schedule

We are done with another one I thought I would just take some time to reflect on the conference, what it has meant for Megaport, our customers, and leave you guessing just how much coffee was consumed during this event.

For those of you unfamiliar with ITW (International Telecoms Week), this annual conference is a very busy event that has been held in Chicago, IL, USA for several years, now, although it originated in Washington D.C.

It attracts a tremendous amount of telecommunications companies, content providers, service providers of all types, and a growing presence of SaaS companies each year. The official event is 4 days long and has a good mix of content for people that have the time to consume panels and presentations about industry trends and growth sectors worth paying attention to.

However, the most popular reason for attending this event is an incredible opportunity to meet with many types of companies, often times their senior leadership and engineering teams, make new connections, reinforce existing relationships, and get some business done in an accelerated fashion. It can be gruelling!

Brynn and I started meeting customers and partners on Saturday, May 9. We held meetings from 7:30AM into the evenings for 4 days more, finally wrapping up with a couple of coffee and breakfast meetings this morning.

All told we hosted 33 meetings with customers, service providers, data centre operators, and content companies. We covered a tremendous amount of material and opportunity about the company, the industry, our products, what our awesome customers want, SDN technologies, automated services, and what elastic fabrics really mean.

There is a tremendous amount of interest across the industry for top level service providers and infrastructure operators to work with Megaport, get their services onto our fabric, and make them available to our customers.

This means more options, more value, and more things to do with your Megaports. This is the continued vision for our company and the value we want to bring not only to our customers, but to those partnering companies that believe in the Megaport model.

We also spent time in each meeting reinforcing our commitment to take Megaport global and shared our timelines for getting services launched in North America and Europe. That is still coming and we are nearly ready to kick off the launch of those markets.

Conferences like this are key for us to make sure some of the most critical building blocks for this expansion are in place and ready to work with us as we go live.

With the event wrapped we have a lot of work to do to bring many of these new features and markets to our customers. For those of you that we were able to spend time with, thanks for dealing with the elevators and/or stairs to get to our room, and thanks for taking the time, having the interest, and seeing the vision and power of Megaport.

We’re excited to work with you and serve you.

Denver Maddux
CEO, Megaport

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