Introducing Megaport ONE

Introducing Megaport ONE

Megaport ONE can help data center and managed services customers orchestrate all things cloud – high-performance compute, storage, and networking in ONE place.

While we’re all reuniting, rethinking, and renewing here in Hawaii at PTC 2022, Megaport is starting 2022 with a bang. In addition to our planned expansion to Mexico through a partnership with KIO Networks, we’re previewing a new white-label service for our data center operator (DCO) and managed services provider (MSP) partners called Megaport ONE.

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What is Megaport ONE?

Megaport ONE is a white-label, multi-tenant SaaS platform for DCOs and MSPs to orchestrate, network, and enable their cloud services.

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With Megaport ONE, our DCO and MSP partners can provide their customers ONE place to manage and optimize all of their hybrid cloud and multicloud deployments.

Megaport ONE is a true single pane of glass experience. Your customers can use your white-labeled version of Megaport ONE to spin up a myriad of public, private, and hybrid infrastructure resources from the edge to the cloud and analyze the cost-effectiveness and network performance of these deployments.

  • Orchestrate: Find, manage, and provision high-performance network connectivity, cloud, edge, and compute/GPU resources easily in one place.
  • Network: Automate the provisioning of pre-lit infrastructure and benefit from a global private backbone
  • Enable: Deploy cloud-native applications and GPU-destined workloads with real-time reporting and analytics.

Why Megaport ONE?

When we talk to our customers, we hear the same thing over and over. Managing infrastructure and operations in the age of the cloud and during a global pandemic has never been more complex. 

The vast majority of enterprises are using multiple clouds, many using six to eight or even more providers. The global pandemic has made hybrid and remote work the new normal, meaning the edge of the enterprise network is extending further and further away from branch offices. More and more cloud-native applications are containerized and can be run anywhere, which means reliable connectivity is required anywhere. As cloud adoption increases, demand is increasing for the various use cases of high-performance computing (HPC) and the GPU infrastructure that supports it.

With your white-labeled version of Megaport ONE, your customers can manage all of this new complexity in ONE place. It also provides real-time reporting and analytics that help I&O leaders make informed decisions regarding their network and compute deployments worldwide, making their IT more cost-effective while improving networking and application performance.

Let us show you

Megaport ONE dashboard

Reach out to our team today to set up a demo and see firsthand how Megaport ONE can dramatically simplify and enhance the IT operations of your customers from the edge to the cloud.

Nick Balletta
Chairman & CEO, InnovoEdge, a Megaport company

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