Introducing Megaport Internet

Introducing Megaport Internet

Get a dedicated internet solution with all the benefits of Megaport’s scalable network fabric in just 60 seconds.

In the ever-evolving digital realm, internet connectivity is the lifeblood of so many business operations. But when it comes to enterprise connectivity, traditional providers can be slow to deploy, providing unreliable connections that are difficult to manage.

For enterprise customers looking to spin up a reliable dedicated internet connection quickly and easily, there’s now a better way with Megaport Internet.

Why choose dedicated internet access?

For enterprises, a consistent, reliable connection can make their bottom line. Dedicated internet access is the best way to get consistent connectivity – download and upload speeds aren’t impacted by competing traffic, bandwidth is available right when and where users need it, and customer experience improves as a result.

Typically, enterprise customers can purchase dedicated internet access from select carrier service providers or NaaS providers. But what if you could combine this network function with all the benefits of using the Megaport ecosystem? Now, you can.

About Megaport Internet

Megaport Internet is a new way for organizations to establish a dedicated connection to the internet. Enjoy a range of benefits as soon as you start using Megaport Internet:

  • Simplified management: Consolidate your different network functions in-house and bypass third-party vendors to enjoy easier network management and billing.

  • Reliability: A dedicated link to the internet with built-in redundancy ensures a reliable and stable connection and minimizes disruptions to your network with 99.5% availability.

  • Scalability: Easily scale your internet connection as needed, in under 60 seconds, so your bandwidth is always ready as your enterprise grows.

Integrating Megaport Internet with your ecosystem

Megaport Internet can be integrated with our other solutions for a consolidated network that’s easy to manage and scale. Use Megaport Internet alongside:

  • Ports : High-speed entry points to the Megaport network, offering direct connections to a wide range of cloud platforms, data centers, and internet exchanges.

  • Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) : MCR provides centralized routing capabilities that enhance network performance and security – crucial for organizations looking to establish dedicated internet connections.

  • Megaport Virtual Edge (MVE) : MVE empowers organizations to create and manage a virtual network presence.

How you can use Megaport Internet

Your enterprise can choose to use Megaport Internet in one of three ways:

  1. Main or backup access: Use Megaport Internet for your primary remote user access to all of your SaaS applications and endpoints, or use it as a secondary method to build network redundancy.
  2. Temporary access: Megaport Internet can serve as a temporary access solution when you need to increase your internet bandwidth due to seasonal or project-based demand, or if your main internet connection becomes unavailable.
  3. Management links: Use Megaport Internet to set up on-demand, out-of-band management access to your network.
megaport architecture
Architect Megaport Internet for a more stable and highly available enterprise network.

Here are some ways you can start incorporating Megaport Internet into your enterprise network.

Connecting internet to a Port

Let’s say your enterprise needs to reach users in one region whilst their applications are stored and managed in a different region.

You could allow your users to access these apps by connecting your main server via the internet – but long-distance data exchange over the internet is exposed to congestion, and you won’t have any visibility or control over its journey.

There’s a better way.

Instead, you can connect a Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) between your main server and a Port in your users’ region, then connect your Port to Megaport Internet to facilitate dedicated connectivity to your end users. This architecture eliminates the risk of congestion and high latency for inter-region connectivity.

Connecting internet to MCR

With MCR, our managed routing platform, you can simplify cross-cloud connectivity by easily connecting multiple cloud environments. Connecting Megaport Internet to MCR enables you to use VXCs as your primary cloud connectivity method, and internet as your backup connectivity method. By employing two different links which are used on separate domains, this architecture increases network availability.

Get started

You can set up Megaport Internet in the Megaport Portal . First time user? No problem – simply create a new account to get access. You can use our handy guide in the Megaport Docs Portal to help you. Once you’re set up, you can enjoy dedicated internet access for your enterprise in just 60 seconds.

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