How You Can Simplify Your Provisioning With NaaS

Simplified Provisioning

Quick and simple cloud provisioning is a must for businesses in 2021 – and the key to achieving it is by using Network as a Service.

Connecting to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) is a necessity in 2021. Companies are seeking to increase automation and innovation to improve increasingly globalized yet remote business operations. But many companies are just starting to come around to using Network as a Service (NaaS) to connect to the major CSPs.

Why would you use NaaS to connect to the cloud when you can just connect to individual providers directly? It’s a perfectly valid question to ask; there need to be logical and compelling reasons to invest time and resources into provisioning and managing a midpoint between you and the hyperscalers that are critical to your business. But while it may not seem intuitive at first, using a NaaS to connect to your CSPs is actually the easier, smarter, and more affordable way to provision your cloud connections.

Let us explain how using NaaS will streamline your cloud provisioning and set your enterprise up for long-term success.

Focus on innovating, not manual tasks

According to Forrester Analytics’ Global Business Technographics® Network And Telecom Survey, 2020, providing more flexibility to the business (39%) and focusing IT network teams on core competencies (37%) are top drivers for adopting as-a-service network. As-a-service networking creates this flexibility by reducing time and effort spent on manual tasks including configuration and management of network devices, security management, and response to capacity demand fluctuations. In the case of cloud connectivity, managing each individual direct connection with each of your CSPs can create and proliferate those manual tasks IT network teams are trying to avoid.

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News Corp is one of Australia’s largest media organizations covering newspapers, magazines, publishing, and digital media. Their original network setup involved deploying workloads into AWS using a single Direct Connect and an internet-based VPN connection—a setup that resulted in high-latency provisioning with repetitive manual tasks. They needed a more reliable solution to host their business-critical applications.

After trying Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN), News Corp found they could provision connectivity for rapid data migration to AWS on demand, with the ability to easily and quickly scale up to move larger amounts of data as needed. Now, the media giant is proactively delivering high-performance services with immediate availability from their colocation data center, saving significant time which they’ve been using to expand with AWS, operating additional workloads in Europe and the USA.

Read Megaport’s case study on News Corp here.

Future-proof your cloud architecture

By using NaaS for your CSP connections, you’re investing in easier provisioning for your business for years to come, as well as enabling your network architecture to easily change and expand as needed.

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Cloudscene is the world’s largest connectivity directory for colocation data centers, CSPs and network fabrics, and their database has more than 6,100 data centers and 5,600 CSPs across 110 countries. They faced a challenge: to deploy a high-performance website and database, in 30 days, with the ability to replicate and scale as the company expanded across the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

After exploring multiple options, they decided to develop a high-performing website with AWS through direct connectivity via Megaport. They not only saved $20,000 in infrastructure costs, they also benefited from ongoing ease of provisioning into the future as their business ramped up across the globe. They’re now able to provision ongoing new connections in 59 seconds or less with any CSP on Megaport’s vendor-agnostic SDN.

Read more about how Cloudscene transformed their connectivity in our case study.

Whether it’s to save time, money, or effort, or prolong the life of your network architecture, using NaaS to connect your enterprise to the cloud is a no-brainer. It will support your business both today and as it grows and expands – even in complex multicloud or hybrid cloud architectures.

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