VIDEO: How to Access AWS GovCloud (US) with Megaport

VIDEO: How to Access AWS GovCloud (US) with Megaport

  • February 25, 2021

With cybersecurity top of mind for US government entities and government-regulated industries, AWS GovCloud (US) can help you meet American cybersecurity and compliance mandates, safeguard sensitive data, and protect your workloads.

With the recent cyberattacks on entities in the government and private sector in the US, cybersecurity is on the forefront of the concerns of American CIOs in organizations big and small, particularly if for businesses in government-regulated industries like aerospace, defense manufacturing, law enforcement, healthcare, financial services, or energy.

As a trusted AWS APN Partner and ISO/IEC 27001-certified company, Megaport is keenly aware of the importance of data and network security to all of our global customers.

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One of the AWS services in high demand for our government customers in the US is AWS Gov Cloud (US) . It gives government organizations and their partners the flexibility to architect secure cloud solutions that comply with a host of security and compliance mandates including the FedRAMP High baseline, the DOJ’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy, Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (SRG) for Impact Levels 2, 4 and 5, IRS-1075, and others.

Whether it’s Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive patient medical records, financial data, or law enforcement data, AWS GovCloud (US) Regions can help you address security and compliance at every stage of your cloud journey. AWS GovCloud (US) Regions are operated by US citizens on US soil who must pass a screening process. 

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In the video below, I’ll show you how you can access AWS GovCloud (US) from any AWS commercial on-ramp in just a matter of minutes from Megaport’s global, on-demand Software Defined Network (SDN) . Connecting to AWS GovCloud (US) is a great way to support mission-critical workloads while ensuring they’re managed by US persons for data security requirements. 

Here are some common workloads hosted on AWS GovCloud (US): 

  • Enterprise applications like Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Windows, ensuring greater reliability and security with cloud backups. 

  • High Performance Computing (HPC): spin up on-demand clusters of compute resources in minutes. 

  • Big Data: Rapidly scale virtually any big data analytics applications.

  • Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery (DR): Back up, store, and recover IT systems with popular DR approaches from simple backups to hot standby solutions.


In addition to meeting compliance mandates, AWS GovCloud (US) can help:

  • Safeguard sensitive data with server-side encryption in Amazon S3 and one-click security key management.

  • Strengthen identity management with access restrictions, easy key rotation, and other access control tools. 

  • Improve cloud visibility with AWS CloudTrail, its API logging service. 

  • Protect accounts and workloads with AWS GuardDuty which provides continuous monitoring for unauthorized behavior like unusual API calls and deployments. 


Ready to access AWS GovCloud (US) on Megaport? Watch the video below.

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