Hong Kong to Singapore, The Elastic Way

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Our customers use our Elastic Fabric for a variety of reason. Of course you can directly connect to cloud services with a few mouse clicks. But did you know the Megaport Fabric also provides a fast and easy way to get point-to-point connectivity between key data services markets? Singapore and Hong Kong, are a great example where customers can take a Megaport in each location and simply create a VXC with the capacity you require and seamlessly scale your network between these two key data services markets!

We are in eight data centers in the Hong Kong and Singapore metros so it’s very easy to get Megaported. And with our relationships with major cloud service providers in both metros, it’s easy to integrate your cloud architecture to multiple cloud availability zones.

Our international connectivity improves geographical redundancy for cloud services and also allow customers to easily access peering routes which have previously been limited to geographical point of origin.

At the recent Amazon Web Services Summits in Sydney and Singapore (where Megaport were a major sponsor), a constant point of conversation was the use case for enabling AWS users in Hong Kong to access AWS Direct Connect services that have previously only been available within the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 connected data centers in Singapore and India, or via expensive international leased line capacity. This is a great value Megaport brings to the market.

Current users of Megaport connections in either Singapore or Hong Kong network regions need only login to the newly revamped Megaport Portal site in order to connect a VXC between two ports in either region, or from an existing customer port in one region to a cloud provider in the other. The connection request can elastically scale upon either portal or via API request in 1Mbps increments with a minimum commitment of only 1Mbps or up to full customer port speed capacity. What’s more there is no minimum term for these virtual circuits so you are free to build a minimum circuit size for a period of time and burst up as your network workloads require, or simply maximise your requirements dimensioning to the optical connectivity speed of your Megaport and tearing down the virtual circuit when no longer required. Yes it really is that flexible!

Via the our Elastic Fabric, it is possible to take advantage of multi-cloud failover and replication. Whilst Microsoft Azure currently have an active region in both of the connected geographies, Megaport customers have a choice including full geographical redundancy, which may not have been feasible or economical in the past. Combined with the recent GA release of Azure Site Recovery (a component of Microsoft Operations Management Suite) you can effectively setup a distributed mutli-cloud strategy for your organisation that can monitor for any issues/load and react instantaneously – quite literally within 60 seconds. This can be achieved by calling our API to burst network capacity when and where needed either to proactively store a snapshot of your mission critical workloads or to redirect traffic on demand, all on the back of our highly available elastic interconnection fabric.

Remember our commitments to you:

  • 100% SLA
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 59 second deployment time

Start your journey now at our Megaportal and get on board.



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