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Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the first ever Google Cloud Onboard, an event offering a step-by-step technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform. It was an honour to be invited to both training days in Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve been working with Google for the past three years and were the only connectivity partner to be invited to this event. We were humbled to stand up among respected peers in the industry and celebrate Google Cloud’s growth and success.

“Building a strong partner ecosystem is a critical part of our strategy in Australia. Megaport joined us on stage because they’re one of our leading partners. They share our philosophy in relation to the delivery of elastic, on-demand services and because they’re helping Australian customers connect to Google’s highly differentiated public cloud services.”

– Ed Knott, Head of Google Cloud Platform, Australia-New Zealand.

After much anticipation from Enterprise customers, a Google Cloud Region will be launching in Australia later this year. Sydney was one of many new regions for Google Cloud announced in September last year.

What does this mean for Enterprises?

Soon, Australian companies will be able to leverage the Google Cloud Platform using infrastructure hosted locally. This is so important for companies that want to keep their data in Australia for security or regulatory reasons.

Google Cloud Platform has 6 regions, 18 zones, over 100 points of presence, and a well-provisioned global network comprised of hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable. A key contender in the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) space, it enables a space where Enterprise customers can future-proof their IT infrastructure, leverage powerful data and analytics software, and operate in a serverless environment. In their words, Google Cloud Platform aims “to let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code”.

As always, we will work with and support Google as they continue to expand and open new cloud regions. We’re aligned with their mission to build out their infrastructure further to get closer to even more Enterprises and Technology partners. For more information or if you have any questions, reach out to us by filling out the form below:

Matt Simpson

Author: Matt Simpson

Head of Global Cloud Strategy

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