Get on the Hong Kong ExpressRoute

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Are you looking to scale your Asia-based Cloud solutions? Do you want to improve performance, increase reliability, and secure your cloud connectivity all while making it easier to plan and provision your network? There is one simple way to do it all: connect to Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure in Hong Kong via Megaport.

The Megaport Elastic Fabric is now directly connected to ExpressRoute within the Hong Kong metro. This means that Enterprises, MSPs, Networks, and various cloud-enabled companies with infrastructure in Hong Kong now have a more direct connectivity option to reach Azure services.

ExpressRoute bypasses the public Internet and provides the best network performance to Azure possible. Accessing ExpressRoute via Megaport in Hong Kong is easy. And we can provision capacity in less than 60 seconds while allowing you to right-size your capacity. Select the amount of connectivity you need for the time period you desire. Megaport’s SDN platform orchestrates it all.

Looking for redundant connectivity to Azure? That’s easy. Megaport is also connected to ExpressRoute in Singapore and many other metros, globally. Plus, the Megaport fabric provides scalable capacity between Hong Kong and Singapore. So, whether you are looking to build your regional backbone, or bolster your cloud solutions, we have you covered.

If you would like more information about our ExpressRoute connectivity in Hong Kong, or how we can help you get better connected to service providers in Asia, please fill out the form below:




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