Fujitsu Pushes For Greater Cloud Adoption in Perth

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Perth is an emerging cloud market. Want proof? Just look at the recent coverage from CRN. It is a trend we identified some time ago and are committed to serving what has historically been an underserved market. Being data centre neutral is critical for extending the reach of direct cloud connectivity to the places enterprise can access them.

That is why we are excited to partner with Fujitsu to extend our Elastic Fabric to their Perth data centre. There, we will not only enable direct cloud connectivity to major cloud services like Microsoft Azure and AWS, we will also enable Internet Exchange services for networks to localize traffic.

We are currently deploying to Fujitsu in Perth and expect service availability in Mid June 2016. If you are interested in finding out more about our services and how you can access our platform from Fujitsu’s data centre, please fill out the form below.




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