Ecosystem Update — September 16, 2020

Ecosystem Update

These are the recently added Megaport locations and services. You can subscribe to receive these updates by email.

Plus, learn more about Megaport Virtual Edge. MVE simplifies and automates connectivity between your branches, data centres, and service providers.

New Services

MVE Megaport Virtual Edge
Coming soon.

New Cloud Onramps

Google Cloud Google Cloud
Omaha, USA.

Oracle Cloud Oracle Cloud
Los Angeles, San Jose, Chicago; USA.

New Locations

Coresite CoreSite Boston BO1
Boston, USA.

Evoque Evoque San Jose
San Jose, USA.

Evoque Evoque Data Centers — Watertown
Boston, USA.

Sungard Sungard AS Lognes
Paris, France.

Sungard Sungard AS Markham
Toronto, Canada.

Sungard Sungard AS Scottsdale
Phoenix, USA.

Sungard Sungard AS 1500 Spring Garden
Philadelphia, USA.

New to Megaport Internet Exchanges

Australia Australia
MegaIX Brisbane: Channel Wireless(AS136741)
MegaIX Sydney: Channel Wireless (AS136741)
MegaIX Singapore: NODE1 Pty Ltd (AS137549)

Germany Germany
ECIX Dusseldorf: CoreRoute (AS203125)
ECIX Frankfurt: Nitrado (marbis GmbH) (AS199610)

New Zealand New Zealand
MegaIX Auckland: Air New Zealand Limited (AS45946), Host Universal (AS136557), Vetta Online (AS64073), Virtual Bridge Limited (AS135889), Wired Networks Limited (AS140840)

MegaIX Dallas: Xfernet (AS27630)
MegaIX Los Angeles: Nowcom (AS32337)

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