Direct Cloud Connectivity in Finland and Beyond

We’ve joined forces with Cinia to deliver optimised cloud connectivity to the Nordics.

Finnish software and connectivity solution company, Cinia, has partnered with Megaport to improve access to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for Nordic enterprises. With many of the major cloud onramps available only in continental Europe, getting connected to the data centres and the CSPs has historically been a very complicated process. Considering the distance between regions, a best-effort internet connection would only achieve relatively high-latency and unpredictable access with potential security risks. These underserved regions require a solution that offers cost-effective, flexible, and low-latency connectivity to global services.

Cinia’s C-Lion1 submarine cable runs between endpoints in Helsinki, Finland and Rostock, Germany and provides the fibre infrastructure required to bridge the interconnection gap between East and West. Overlaid is Cinia’s cMatrix direct connect solution that leverages the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN) to enable enterprises with fast, direct, and secure connections to our Ecosystem of leading CSPs, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba, IBM Cloud, and most our most recent addition, Salesforce. Access to these CSPs opens up new opportunities for companies based in Finland, and further across the Nordic regions, allowing them to easily expand business globally by tapping into markets beyond their current capabilities. Scalable bandwidth means companies will forgo highly expensive traditional connectivity costs and gain the ability to tailor business applications to their needs.

Megaport’s new partnership with Cinia continues to drive the development of a universal connectivity network, enabling cloud access to more enterprises worldwide. For more information about cloud connectivity in Europe and our new partnership, please fill out the form below.