Developer Console Launched!

Last week, Megaport launched the first version of our Developer portal with documentation, code and interactive samples for working with the Megaport API.

Over time we’ll be working on populating the site with some libraries for the major languages and some more code samples that you can find on our Github page.

The Developer portal offers a great way to get started writing code using the API Console to test the API methods. The console offers a simple yet effective way to view some example requests and responses; or use your own credentials and try it out for your own services.

The Developer portal delivers requests to a separate instance of the Megaport API with no access to the production network so it’s a safe test environment.

We’d love to know what customers are doing with the network automation.

Drop us an email with your idea or code and we may feature it on the blog or Developer portal!

Author: Megaport


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