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One of the first 50 ISP’s in the United States, Data Foundry has over 20 years in the industry. In order to have stuck around for so long in such a rapidly changing and expanding marketplace, they have shown a great amount of adaptability and an open mind to utilising new technologies.

We’d like to introduce them as a new reseller partner. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Data Foundry owns and operates carrier-neutral data centers in Texas and a global network with colocation presence for deployments worldwide. Their service, CloudTap affords customers cost-effective storage solutions, greater flexibility, secure use of cloud-based applications, and streamlined network interconnection. And through Megaport, they’ve enhanced this service offering to better provide for their customers.

“With Megaport, we have expanded and simplified our CloudTap offering, allowing us to get customers to the cloud provider of their choice faster than ever. The Megaport customer interface is top-notch, and we can rapidly provision circuits using their convenient software-driven system.”

– Joel Reyes, Director of Sales Engineering, Data Foundry

Data Foundry’s approach toward carrier neutrality and purpose-built infrastructure easily aligns with values and initiatives that we work to embody here at Megaport. We like that they refer to themselves as ‘Internet People,’ and they’ve really got the history to endorse that statement. With steady growth and an impressive team of people working to further their goals and make their service offering the best it can be, it’s no surprise that we decided to bring them on board as part of the Megaport Ecosystem.

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Will Pittman

Author: Will Pittman

Ecosystem Director – North America

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