CyrusOne is Megaported!

Imagine you found a way to expand your market presence into 13 new U.S. data centres with immediate abilities to deploy services. Now, imagine those data centres are filled with companies that want and need your services. What if you found a completely different cost model to deploy within those data centres? It all sounds almost too good to be true. But it’s not.

CyrusOne makes this possible. They recognise their customers’ need for an onramp to the cloud and have offered Megaport an incredible partnership structure.

Throughout their data centres, CyrusOne operates a network platform called “National Internet Exchange”. It provides data centre connectivity solutions to their many Fortune 1000 customers. Megaport will integrate our full suite of services and bring our cloud networking capabilities with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google directly onto the CyrusOne National IX platform, thus transforming it into a truly dynamic cloud interconnectivity platform.

This means customers in CyrusOne facilities will have new optionality for how they architect their hybrid cloud solutions. They can use Megaport’s instant provisioning capabilities to access a wider ecosystem.

For Megaport, this is a cost-effective way to deploy our services with no capital outlay required. It is also a very quick way for us to access customers ready to take their interconnectivity strategy to the next level.

This will happen in multiple data centres in the following metro markets: Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Sterling (Northern Virginia), San Antonio, Silicon Valley

You may wonder why there’s been so much partner activity of late. Put simply, all of this aligns with what our founder and Executive Chairman Bevan Slattery referred to as “The Year of Execution.” Having successfully raised capital in December 2015 with our IPO on the ASX, we are now in a position to execute on the plans layed out in our prospectus. But that’s only part of the story. Genuine execution means we are smart and fast about how we deepen our service reach globally. Taking advantage of unique opportunities, such as the CyrusOne partnership and our new AMS-IX partnership gives us that rapid, competitive edge to accelerate our go-to-market and maintain our first-mover advantage in the elastic interconnectivity business.

And we ARE executing! Since the IPO in December 2015, we have rapidly deployed to 15 of our 32 North American data centres as noted in our prospectus. Thanks to the CyrusOne partnership our North American service footprint will expand to 45 data centres.

We’re beyond excited to enable next-level interconnection services with our newest partner, CyrusOne, a proven leader in the enterprise data centre space!