Connectivity Simplified - 5 IT Challenges Made easier with Megaport

Connectivity Simplified: 5 IT Challenges Made Easier with Megaport

Building connections to and between the services that power your business should be easy.

That’s why we’re committed to breaking down barriers and making it as simple as possible to implement the IT strategies your organisation needs. ‘Connectivity’ covers a broad area of IT – and Megaport can help solve common challenges and simplify specific use cases right across this. We’ll walk you through some of these challenges and how making connectivity easier proves to be a valuable solution to implementing powerful IT strategies.  

Challenge #1: Building a successful multicloud strategy

Why it’s difficult: Building a dedicated connection to a single CSP is expensive. Doing it for many different CSPs is practically impossible on a growing business’s budget. Then, once each of your connections is in place, it needs to be managed and maintained by your team. Plus, it’s up to you to connect those services to each other and do your best to help them communicate and function as part of a single cloud ecosystem.

How we make it simple: Megaport gives you a truly vendor-neutral connectivity option. Connect to us through a single Port, then we’ll help you build and configure connections to any number of cloud providers from there. Plus, you only pay for the bandwidth you use, so there’s no need to worry about over or under-provisioning bandwidth for a particular one of your services.

Challenge #2: Scaling bandwidth on-demand

Why it’s difficult: Nobody’s bandwidth demands are truly linear. There will always be tasks and demands that cause spikes in the volume of network resources you need. Practically, the only solution is to provision a high amount of bandwidth at all times, so you’re ready for the intensive workloads. However, that carries the very clear drawback of being hugely expensive and wasteful.

How we make it simple: With Megaport, your bandwidth and level of service is scalable on-demand. If you need to perform an intensive real-time data transfer such as a backup or live streaming an event, simply click a few buttons and allocate yourself the resources you need. Easy. You can spin this up almost instantly, then immediately dial your bandwidth back down for any day-to-day tasks you might need to complete at a lower speed.

Challenge #3: Giving DevOps teams the freedom to innovate

Why it’s difficult: DevOps is all about experimentation. To get the best results, your team needs to be able to tinker with workloads and try new things out. To make that happen, you have a choice; either let them experiment freely with your production environment (extremely risky and ill-advised), or create an exact copy of your production environment for them to test and develop in (potentially extremely expensive).

How we make it simple: With Megaport, you can give DevOps teams the best of both options, while mitigating the risks associated with each of them. Simply spin up a new environment in the cloud based on your production environment and let the DevOps team experiment however they like. From there, transferring your test environment into production is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Challenge #4: Mastering BI and Analytics

Why it’s difficult: Business Intelligence and Analytics are on almost every organisation’s agenda today. But to make them happen, you need to bring data from multiple systems and sites together – a task that demands reliable interconnection between data centres, which can be time-consuming and costly to manage.

How we make it simple: Megaport enables businesses to provision dedicated, private, and reliable connections between data centres on one platform. No matter how far apart those data centres are, if they’re within reach of a Megaport on-ramp, connecting them and their data becomes incredibly simple.

Challenge #5: Getting to the cloud reliably and easily

Why it’s difficult: Many organisations take their first steps into the cloud using simple public internet connectivity. However, because it’s open to the public and performance isn’t backed up by a strong SLA, it often leaves companies lacking reliability, security, and control – things very few businesses can afford to sacrifice. Plus, the process of getting up and running with a new business-grade connection can be long and complex.

How we make it simple: Megaport provides a dedicated, private connection from your data centre to the CSPs you want to connect to. Once you’re connected to us, all you need to do is choose which data centre you want to connect from and which CSP you want to connect to, and then click to provision. Plus, we guarantee a high level of reliability, so there’s no need to worry about unexpected outages.

That’s just a small handful of the ways we’re simplifying connectivity for businesses around the world. To find out more about our services and discover how Megaport can help you simplify connectivity across your network and cloud environments, visit or contact us today.