Configure Networks the Easy Way with Megaport Cloud Router

Configure Networks the Easy Way with Megaport Cloud Router

MCR is easy to use, helping engineers do more with fewer resources – even as IT strategy evolves to incorporate multicloud or hybrid cloud approaches

Connectivity is the beating heart of any modern, data-driven business. It’s thanks to connectivity that you can send data to the right people, power deep analytics, and extract the insights needed to make effective business decisions.

But as enterprise IT strategies develop, connectivity is getting much more complex. In a world where hybrid and multicloud strategies are becoming the norm, and as the network edge expands, network engineers have their work cut out for them.

But at the same time, as IT functions are expected to do more with less, many engineers will have less time to do much more work. So, how do you unlock more connectivity options, without adding the management burden facing network engineers?

As networks change, connectivity must change too

As businesses invest in cloud solutions, IoT sensors, and edge computing solutions, the network grows far beyond the four walls of the enterprise. Yet, if you rely on physical networking hardware, all that data has to constantly come back to the network core before it can be sent out again.

But this simply isn’t how things work anymore. If you want a truly multicloud strategy for instance, you want a way to route data between clouds – without your data centre having to act as the middleman.

Enterprises have a few options to enable more streamlined routing. For instance, you could become part of an internet exchange community, or you could try and establish a cross connect directly between different networks.

However, these options all require engineers to help set up, manage, and maintain hardware and network connections. And with so many IT teams seeing their resources cut or spread thinner than ever before, extra complexity is the last thing engineers need.

There’s a simpler way to route traffic

Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) 2.0 offers a simpler approach to network configuration, while still helping you make the most of multicloud and hybrid cloud approaches.

As a virtualised networking solution, MCR removes the need for your organisation’s engineers to install and manage hardware in a rack. And as MCR offers pre-configured API integrations with leading cloud service providers, it means you can get set-up faster with Megaports intuitive and simplified configurations.

It all adds up to less management, less hassle for engineers, and less demands for specialised networking knowledge within the business – while still helping you get the benefits of Layer 3 connectivity and virtualised networking.

Built for today, and tomorrow

While MCR can help reduce the complexity facing engineers today, it can also significantly reduce the challenges surrounding long-term network plans.

Because MCR offers a connectivity hub that isn’t tied to the data centre, it means you can more easily route traffic between different sites, clouds, and edges – without the need to keep routing traffic back to your data centre. MCR means your routing is where your clouds are, helping you better support hybrid and multicloud strategies.

Crucially, MCR means you can move away from the costly capital expenditure of networking hardware. As a virtualised router on the Megaport Software Defined Network , MCR offers a cost-effective way to route data, without long hardware delivery lead-times, and the complexity of initial configuration.

Without hardware to worry about, MCR helps you scale seamlessly – without adding more admin burden to engineers. Whether your business decides to partner with new cloud providers or wants to set up new sites oversees, MCR helps you extend your network to these locations without having to worry about procuring and configuring new networking hardware or colocation agreements.

Solve your operational and strategic networking challenges

Many engineers are tasked with providing essential connectivity to the business, but with fewer resources and less time than ever before. At the same time, connectivity expectations are only increasing as the enterprise network landscape changes.

MCR offers a solution to both problems. Easy to configure, use and scale, it can help reduce the admin burden facing network engineers today. And it can also help engineers support IT strategy tomorrow, with cloud to cloud networking and private peering between leading cloud providers – all without the need to procure IP addresses or Autonomous System Numbers.

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