It’s Cloudy All Over Germany, Not Just Frankfurt

IT cloud architecture is “multi” – Multi-cloud, multi-metro, and in some instances multi-national. When you think about the depth of physical cloud deployments (the actual infrastructure that makes cloud work), you have to consider several variables; the number of cloud providers, the number of locations enabled by cloud providers, and the number locations where networks and Enterprises have deployed infrastructure to facilitate their core businesses. So many service markets and key locations are vital to enabling the larger cloud supply chain.

These considerations were vital to our strategy for creating a better cloud experience throughout Germany, Europe, and across the globe. If you look at trends in places like Australia, New Zealand, and Asia Pacific where Megaport has enabled a multi-cloud, multi-metro, multi-national cloud fabric, you will see clear demand for elastic, direct cloud connectivity. This universal trend is now playing out in Europe as we integrate the ECIX and OM-NIX networks to the Megaport fabric and bring our strong cloud service provider partnerships to bear in key markets like Germany.

Looking at the depth of our platform in Germany, Megaport’s ubiquitous coverage will make it very simple for Enterprises to connect into mission critical cloud services from a variety of locations and localize their traffic with shorter round trip data paths. After all, keeping traffic local is very important to privacy and compliance.

With the significant investments we’ve poured into the broader European region, not only have we enabled access throughout the UK, Amsterdam, and Sweden within a very short time frame, but we will very shortly be delivering the same suite of services across the greater German region. Multi-cloud connectivity  will be available, multi-metro, across the existing ECIX platform in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Nürnberg, and Munich.

We are a demand-driven organization. We go where our customers and partners tell us. Our cloud service providers have made it clear Germany needs focus. We’re here to help. Our intent behind the acquisition of ECIX was not simply to rapidly expand our footprint, but to leverage the local German experience of the ECIX team. We operate in 13 countries, 19 cities, and 57 locations across Europe, and Germany is one of our largest regions in the EU.

All of this means, for Deutschland, access to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google public clouds as well as a range of other service providers via our marketplace. This will be underpinned by Megaport’s industry leading elastic interconnection fabric and world class automation tools. And did we mention our world-class Internet Exchange which changed the peering landscape in Germany?

Megaport is live in a number of European regions and is now taking pre orders for these services in Germany. Fill out the form below if you have any questions:

Mark Cooper

Author: Mark Cooper

EVP Europe

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