Case Study: A Leading Fuel Company’s Digital Transformation

Read how a leading fuel company in New Zealand modernized their network and transformed their customer experience by using Megaport for multicloud connectivity.

We often hear companies talk about their relentless focus on customer experience, but far fewer organizations turn that talk into action. 

For one of our customers, a leading fuel company in New Zealand, action took the form of an ambitious, customer-centric digital transformation initiative that encompassed all areas of the business, resulting in new loyalty programs, a new mobile app, and a host of new services designed to provide their customers greater convenience and consciousness about sustainable energy.

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Network modernization enabled by multicloud

Successful digital transformation requires an agile, modernized network for cloud enablement. Using Megaport’s global, on-demand Software Defined Network (SDN) and Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), the fuel company re-architected their network so that they could send production data between their cloud environments in Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without having to move the traffic back to their local data centers or data centers outside the country with Azure ExpressRoute and OCI FastConnect on-ramps. This multicloud architecture reduced latency between applications running in Azure and databases running in Oracle Cloud.  

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New customer programs

This streamlined hybrid cloud and multicloud approach reduced latency and eased network strain, enabling the launch of new customer programs including:

  • a mobile app that lets customers purchase fuel in bulk and share it with up to five other customers
  • fuel discounts and rewards 
  • loyalty points
  • the ability to pay for fuel at 350+ service stations and truck stops without leaving their vehicle
  • the ability to pre-order hot and cold drinks
  • the ability to track carbon emissions and choose carbon offsets that benefit local forests

Best of all, provisioning was achieved through a few quick and easy clicks on the Megaport portal. Billing was also pay as you go, so bandwidth could be scaled up and down as driven by customer demand.

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For this New Zealand fuel company, exceeding customer expectations was the goal of their digital transformation initiative. Megaport’s Network as a Service made this goal achievable.

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