C3ntro Connects Mexico to Cloud Services

Mexican enterprises are looking for cloud connectivity solutions that move away from the public internet to offer more consistent and reliable performance. These same enterprises want to take advantage of popular, yet latency sensitive applications such as Google Apps for Work, AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure, and Skype for business. Realizing this tremendous and unmet need, C3ntro Telecom, an international carrier based in Mexico, sought a way to deliver cloud services via direct, private, and secure access.

After considering various options, C3ntro turned to Megaport as a viable solution. By utilizing Megaport’s elastic interconnection fabric, C3ntro can now directly connect enterprise customers to the major cloud providers they are seeking. C3ntro’s customers can rapidly provision their cloud services in seconds and scale bandwidth on demand – allowing them complete control of their cloud offerings.


“Using Megaport services allows C3ntro customers to access direct connectivity to key cloud providers via elastic cloud, without the traditional drawbacks of the public internet. This enables faster performance, secure access, lower latency, single-vendor global support, a consistently reliable end-user experience and a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. Complexity is reduced and uncertainty eliminated, removing any and all enterprise concerns over such a migration.”

– Leon Andrievsky, Data Director, C3ntro


For Megaport, doing business with C3ntro means more than just enabling their customers to reach the cloud. Our valued relationship allows us to expand our enterprise customers base in Latin America markets.

C3ntro Telecom is the operator of choice for advanced international voice and data connectivity. Backed by a reliable, state-of-the-art global IP network, the provider has more than 300 direct interconnects and in-country partners worldwide. The company offers guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs) and proven business tools backed by a dedicated sales team – this ensures an optimal combination of quality and cost-effectiveness to destinations around the world, terminating over six billion international minutes each year.

We are very happy to have C3ntro as part of the Megaport Fabric! For questions or inquires regarding C3ntro and Megaport, please complete the form below.

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