Brisbane City Council awards Megaport a 5-year contract to connect to cloud services

Many municipal organisations that provide critical services find themselves in a common situation; as their cities grow and critical services are consumed on an ever-increasing basis, they have a significant number of IT applications and various architectures to support them. Brisbane City Council, with hundreds of different IT applications is a great example. Council provides a diverse range of public services, including libraries, public transport, parks and open spaces, planning and development, environmental management, public health, waste management, as well as roadways and bridges.

Megaport will provide Brisbane City Council’s connectivity as it transitions its applications to cloud-based services. Having access to Megaport’s ecosystem allows Brisbane City Council to remain agile and scale for future growth.

We have been awarded a 5-year contract to provide private connections to multiple cloud providers over our elastic interconnection fabric. With over 7,000 Council staff depending on IT applications, we take our role in providing network connectivity to seamless transition from internal data centres to cloud services with high volumes of data with the utmost of importance.

Council can take advantage of our portal to quickly and easily scale capacity up or down depending on workloads. Because performance and availability is a top priority, integration with the Megaport API will assist and enable monitoring, management, and ordering of capacity via their own platform.

If you would like to know more about how Megaport can support your cloud architecture with our elastic networking and interconnection services, please drop us an email.