Bringing New Zealand Cloud Services into Vocus

Tapping into better disaster recovery, offsite storage, cloud-based productivity applications, and IP localisation in New Zealand just became a lot easier. Vocus’ data centre at 7a Parkhead Place is Megaported!

Vocus’ Auckland data centre provides an excellent point to connect into the Megaport Elastic Fabric to access Internet Exchange (IX) services for IP Peering and directly connecting to key Cloud Service Providers including:

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365
Google Cloud Interconnect
AWS Direct Connect

Services are now live at 7a Parkhead Place. Find out how easy it is to get connected to Megaport’s SDN-enabled platform via our portal or drop us an email.

Going global? Be sure to check out other Megaport Enabled Locations.

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