Bringing Dedicated Cloud Access into Telehouse North

Scalable on-demand cloud access is now available from one of the world’s most connected data centres.

Home to key infrastructure like the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and thriving with innovation and financial growth, London remains one of the world’s major tech hubs. The city attracts a multitude of global internet companies while investor money continues to flow into the capital’s tech sector with private equity investment reaching £4.5bn in the first half of 2017.Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) have recently expanded their footprint in London. Google launched its new cloud region earlier this year2 while IBM doubled down on its cloud strategy, opening two new data centres in the city.3

We’re extending our footprint in London, bringing the cloud closer to enterprises across the region. We’ve enabled Telehouse North – Europe’s most connected data centre4  – which joins four other Megaport-enabled locations throughout the UK. Within this facility, telecom providers, system integrators, financial traders, and media companies come together to form a rich ecosystem.

Our presence in Telehouse North simplifies access for enterprises and IT companies to the global leading CSPs including AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud as well as over 250 additional service providers. Customers can provision secure and direct connectivity to cloud services without deploying data via the public internet. Our global Software Defined Network (SDN) enables progressive companies to expand and grow into new markets on a global scale. We’ve enabled Telehouse North to further expand innovation throughout the region and drive cloud connectivity from this thriving tech hub.

For more information on connecting to Megaport in Telehouse North please complete the form below. Check out our latest blog post on connectivity in Europe, click here.


Mark Cooper

Author: Mark Cooper

EVP Europe

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