Bringing the Cloud to the Edge in North America

Bringing the Cloud to the Edge in North America

Why our recent expansion with vXchnge will make a difference for North American enterprises.

North America’s fastest growing cities will rely on the cloud to power businesses. Cisco predicts that by 2021, North America will generate the most cloud traffic out of the world’s regions with 7.7 Zettabytes produced. Thinking about the next-generation technologies that have become embedded in the business strategies of today – like Machine Learning, AI, IoT – it’s no wonder cloud computing is top of mind. In addition, hybrid cloud and multicloud are on the rise with businesses tapping into one or more cloud providers to access best-of-breed services that drive their everyday mission-critical workloads and fuel future strategy.

With more enterprises across North America needing greater access to cloud services, we’ve experienced an uptake in cloud connectivity services from customers in underserved cloud regions; as of June 2018, over 51% of customers were connecting from outside of a cloud on-ramp location. It’s within these regions where connectivity is key to bringing the cloud closer to the edge where businesses reside and need services.

Our partner vXchnge has strategically built premium data centres in some of the fastest growing North American cities – those that have typically lacked resources needed to carry out cloud-first initiatives – Austin, Nashville, and Portland are no exception. Our recent expansion with vXchnge has brought dedicated cloud connectivity into these locations as well as Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Santa Clara, and St. Louis. Spreading our footprint across North America with key partners means delivering greater cloud connectivity options for customers taking on the next wave of data.

As innovation will be a key tenet for organisations moving into 2019, we’ll be looking at the increase in both hybrid and multicloud capabilities which are increasingly becoming critical for provisioning and managing data for innovative initiatives. When it comes to these types of cloud model, data control, flexibility, and security should not be compromised but actively sought out when choosing network services and co-location facilities. As North America continues to demand the cloud closer to edge to fulfill their IT strategies, we’ll strive to build our network to reach those markets, and enable customers with dedicated connectivity to the world’s leading cloud providers.

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Nicole Cooper

Author: Nicole Cooper

Executive Vice President, Americas

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