Breaking and Developing: News Corp Australia Joins The Fabric!

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At Megaport, we are pioneering elastic fabrics and creating a better way for networks and cloud services to interconnect. In fact, we built the industry’s first SDN-enabled, elastic interconnection fabric. Users connect to a ubiquitous Ethernet fabric, the Megaport Fabric, allowing wider coverage, faster speed to market while reducing costs, and enabling real-time provisioning across one platform.

Today we are incredibly pleased to announce that News Corp Australia, one of Australia’s largest media companies spanning print, digital, mobile, and broadcast, has joined our award-winning SDN-enabled interconnection fabric. What makes this news is that the very dynamic nature of News Corp Australia’s business creates ever-changing requirements on the consumption of network and cloud services. They require the ability to choose multiple services, scale them up and down in real-time with greater efficiency, and based on ever-changing technical and business needs. The Megaport Fabric helps enable News Corp Australia’s multi-cloud strategy and connect their data centres to their cloud service providers.

When we spoke with Nicholas Tan, Chief Architect for Infrastructure/Cloud at News Corp Australia about Megaport’s solution and how it would support their needs, he said this, “We have always had a progressive stance toward using public cloud for our production workloads. As our needs evolve, we believe that Megaport’s on-demand and API driven connectivity services are tightly aligned to our own strategy to be a dynamic content provider in the emerging API economy. The recent addition of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute as a choice on the Megaport Fabric means that we can now seamlessly interconnect to all three of our key public cloud services through a single provider.”

Nicholas mentions the “emerging API Economy.” Specifically, this is the monetization of an API accessible system and the intrinsic value chain created by allowing users to choose best-of-breed services that can greatly benefit from a robust, on-demand interconnection platform. The Megaport Fabric API enables high-value services, whether supporting revenue or critical business functions, to communicate on secure, high performance, and scalable data paths. The platform that provides this interconnection is only as good as the size and quality of the ecosystem it services. This too is where Megaport excels. Our ecosystem teams work hard at driving greater value in the Fabric by bringing top service providers into the mix. We have 250 providers today and we’ll keep adding more. Plus, our geographic expansion is adding more locations and greater reach to the ever-growing cloud and network world.

The Megaport team and I are genuinely excited to see companies like News Corp Australia adopting the cloud, working in the cloud, and now joining our Fabric to align their network to the cloud. Our model is working and we are proud to be serving both our customers and our ecosystem partners in bringing their services and systems together on our Fabric. We enable the hybrid-cloud and the multi-cloud world on one automated service delivery system for our customers, and now News Corp Australia.

We’d love for you to reach out with questions or thoughts on the API Economy, multi-cloud, or any other topics related to interconnection. Feel free to drop us a line. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, come meet with us at some of the many trade shows where we will be demonstrating our award-winning portal, like AWS Re:invent in October. Hope to see you there!

Denver Maddux
CEO, Megaport



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