AWS Summit Sydney Wrap-Up

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Next stops – Auckland then Singapore

Megaport was happy to play a prominent part in the AWS Summits this year, and we wanted to offer our thanks now that Sydney has concluded. We hope you were able to stop by our booth, our breakout session, or both if you attended.

We also want to remind everyone that we will be at the Auckland Summit in May with booth and presentation; and some of our leadership will be in attendance at the Summit in Singapore.  We encourage you to track us down and have a chat there, also.

We observed a couple trends this year and welcome your feedback as well.  First, the prominence of security and service assurance is growing rapidly as Enterprises become more willing to deploy mission critical, business grade workloads into the cloud.

Megaport is excited about this development with our offers to take traffic between critical sources of data off the public Internet.  This adds a layer of predictability and stability that cannot always be achieved.

Our users also noted a groundswell in desire for a new networking model in several talks, breakouts, and even in the keynotes.  Obviously our breakout covered this topic, as well.  But it was refreshing to see Enterprise users demanding that this piece of the puzzle be virtualized and simplified much like the rest of the IT stack has been.

If you were unable to catch the breakout session, we are happy to set up a personal session by following the link here and providing us your information.

Finally, many of the AWS Summits featured a special session titled “Women in Technology” Luncheon.  We are honored to have had Megaport’s very own Libby Trickett provide her perspective in Sydney.  Libby plays a key role in our growing business; engaging with the industry to let everyone know who and what Megaport is.

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