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Megaport peer list now available in Euro-IX format

With the number of peers at Megaport Internet Exchanges growing rapidly, we’ve been looking for new ways to help our peers find each other and get connected faster.

In particular if you peer at a many different IX’s, keeping track of contact information, available locations and active peers can quickly become onerous.

The Euro-IX community has been working on a method for Internet Exchanges to publish exchange details and peer lists in a common JSON format that can be easily processed by automated systems.

Thanks to a request from one of our peers, Megaport has opted to support this effort by publishing our own peer list in the Euro-IX format. 

It includes a list of our IX’s and support contacts along with complete, up-to-date peer lists. The schema and technical details can be found on GitHub.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know at!

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