We’re super excited to officially announce the Megaport Reseller Program!

The Megaport Reseller Partner Program provides partners with extended coverage between data centers and cloud services and delivers a flexible, scalable experience for your end customers.

As a Megaport Reseller Partner, you can establish multiple ports and services on behalf of your end customers and manage multiple virtual connections back to any service provider on the fabric.

Our Megaport Reseller Program provides:
– Access to customers from any Megaport Enabled Location back to your network, or any cloud service’s on the Megaport fabric;
– Extended reach via the Megaport global services fabric;
– Connections to an existing ecosystem of global service providers and enterprises;
– Instant provisioning for faster time to revenue;
– Access to our Open API for partners to leverage the same management tools that we use;
– Flexible service terms for you and your end customers.

To find out more information about our reseller partner program and incentives, contact us here.

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