Amazon Web Services and Megaport

Megaport is very proud to announce that we will shortly be the newest AWS Direct Connect partner in Australia! With AWS interfacing directly into Megaport via their own allocated 10Gb/s Megaport VXC, AWS customers can now utilise the power of the Megaport network to do temporary mass-dumps of data into S3 or EBS, do short term computes and eventually access Glacier storage when it becomes available too. The biggest issue AWS customers have with accessing their cloud services is the speed of service activation for direct connect and being tied into long term carrier contracts. The beauty of Megaport however is that it was designed around Cloud from Day 1, with no contracts and flexible speeds. We look forward to giving you a carrier service that’s now just as flexible as your AWS service!

Rob and Cameron will be giving away free Nerf Guns and some Apple TV’s at the AWSome Day Melbourne (Sofitel Collins St) on Tuesday 17th, so be sure to come over and say hi!