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Some days you just get to share more awesome news than others. Today is definitely one of those days!!!

We’re thrilled to announce that as, well right this very moment, that Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connectivity for Office 365 is available on Megaport! (So many exclamation points of excitement!)

Get the ease and efficiency of connecting to O365 on the leading, global, elastic interconnection fabric. Get more value by combining multiple applications and services over your Megaport. Aggregating your Azure and O365 services over the same ExpressRoute is as simple as a few clicks in our portal.

Why are customers choosing Megaport for ExpressRoute for Office 365?
– Services to ExpressRoute are live in less than a minute. For reals. – Megaport has the largest ecosystem of providers on one neutral fabric, and we are always adding more. – You can get real time reporting on your workloads and bandwidth consumption. – We’re increasing our coverage every week, now available in 50 Data Centres and growing. – Our on demand billing model lets you align costs and configurations directly to your cloud services, so buy as much as you need for as long as you want. – 100% API driven. Test it out at

Megaport customers have been taking up the advantage of dedicated connectivity through ExpressRoute more frequently. You get better network performance and predictability to Azure, and now you can experience just how easy it is to get that same, industry-best connectivity to your productivity applications through our portal!

To contact us directly about how you can connect today, talk to our Global Cloud Strategy Director, Matt Simpson or read our AzureExpressRoute Infopaper.

Click here to connect to ExpressRoute Today



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