A Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Oracle Cloud

A Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Oracle Cloud

Learn how to leverage Oracle’s extensive features to improve your enterprise network from the inside out, making it easier to innovate than ever before.

Processing and analyzing data have become far easier for businesses since Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) became more widely available thanks to the cloud. No longer necessarily classed as “emerging technologies”, AI and ML have become core solutions in enabling organizations to thrive in this digital era.

In fact, Gartner expects that by 2025, 70% of organizations will have operationalized AI architectures due to the rapid maturity of AI orchestration initiatives. Meanwhile, IDC previously predicted that worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems would quadruple to reach $57.6 billion this year .

Real-world use cases for AI and ML

We see AI and ML used in innovative everyday technologies such as smart home devices (like Amazon Alexa and Siri), navigation apps (like Google Maps), and facial recognition (like Face ID on iPhones). Many companies can dramatically improve their existing products and services by using AI and ML, according to Harvard Business Review . They explain that an enterprise with an AI-enabled product or service can build a sustainable competitive advantage and raise entry barriers against latecomers.

Other ways of using AI and ML to increase business performance include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Applying transactional and demographic data to predict how much certain customers will spend throughout their relationship with your business.
  • Optimizing pricing based on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Using image recognition to analyze X-rays in healthcare.
  • Detecting and deterring security intrusions before they happen.
  • Resolving user technology issues through intuitive predictions and troubleshooting.
  • Communicating with your customers through chatbots.
  • Saving IT operations time by intelligently monitoring systems and data centres.

Oracle Cloud is one of the many hyperscalers that help enterprises harness the power of AI by offering pre-built applications that operate in conjunction with their comprehensive portfolio of cloud, infrastructure, and platform services.

So, how exactly do AI and ML work, what’s in it for enterprise customers, and why is Oracle Cloud a great choice when it comes to powering your business with these technologies? Let’s explore Oracle AI and ML solutions further.

Capturing the benefits of AI and ML with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud’s prebuilt AI technologies and insights-driven Software as a Service (SaaS) applications help organizations automate operations, drive innovation, and make smart business decisions. Paired with cloud automation capabilities (read more about managing connectivity to Oracle Cloud with Megaport below), AI and ML can truly unlock a competitive edge for the enterprise.

Here are just a few ways in which organizations across various industries have implemented Oracle AI and ML technologies to drive outcomes for their business, teams, and customers:

  1. The NHS Business Services Authority optimized cost savings to improve patient care with Oracle Cloud by using data analytics to understand their spending on prescriptions and dental treatments, and ultimately identify £700 million worth of savings that could go back into other much-needed healthcare services. At the same time, customers were given access to this data so they could be proactive in their own healthcare.
  2. The University of Adelaide improved the student experience using an Oracle intelligent chatbot to calculate prospective students’ adjusted rankings for admission and deliver these results instantly over Facebook Messenger. This has reduced the influx of calls to the university’s enquiries services by 40%.
  3. AgroScout helps farmers improve crop yields by using Oracle Cloud and AI to scan, store, and analyze millions of crop images, giving farmers access to these images to inform their businesses. With this next-generation technology, farmers can identify pests and diseases and take action quickly.

Take a deep dive into how AI can help your business with Oracle Cloud with the “Future of AI and ML” keynote presentation.

Connecting Oracle AI and ML with Megaport

When we look at how best we can optimize the performance of our AI and ML workloads within Oracle Cloud, connectivity plays a significant role. Connecting to Oracle Cloud via the public internet can leave your organization more vulnerable to security risks, latency issues, and unnecessary costs than if you choose to connect via a private network.

Leveraging dedicated connections to Oracle Cloud that bypass the public internet can help you make the most of your AI and ML instances through:

  • Low latency: Not only can you easily connect to Oracle Cloud from any Megaport enabled location to leverage Oracle Cloud FastConnect and get “closer to the cloud” to deploy your AI and ML applications with minimal distance between your environments, you can use a Megaport Cloud Router as a virtual Point of Presence (PoP) to build your connections if you’re born-in-the-cloud without physical infrastructure.
  • Security and reliability: With dedicated connections to Oracle Cloud , you can have higher confidence in uptime and a lower risk of security issues compared to public internet connections.
  • Scalable bandwidth: Your ability to right-size your connectivity by easily scaling bandwidth up and down when needed means you can feed those capacity-hungry algorithms in the cloud and then reduce that capacity to use less when your applications aren’t in processing mode. This also creates a huge cost optimization opportunity when connecting your Oracle AI and ML.

Megaport is more integrated than ever with Oracle Cloud with One Portal Provisioning. Megaport customers can now provision private connectivity within the Oracle FastConnect console, making it even easier to spin up networks between cloud environments.

Learn more about Megaport’s partnership with Oracle Cloud, and One Portal Provisioning .

AI and ML have fast become transformative solutions for enterprises trying to drive meaningful insights from their customers and service digital-first industries that now rely on the power of data to thrive.

Choosing Oracle AI and ML serviced by private Megaport connectivity is an intuitive solution for enterprises looking to benefit from one of the cloud’s most popular services.

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