600 South Federal St. Chicago is Megaported!

Our Chicago metro footprint continues to grow with the addition of 600 South Federal St. to the Megaport Fabric.

Megaport’s Chicago metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs) to key Cloud Service Providers including:

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365
Google Cloud Interconnect
AWS Direct Connect

Plus, as with all locations Internet Exchange services are available. In this instance, customers can access the AMS-IX Chicago IX. Find out how easy it is to get connected via our portal or contact our sales team via email.

600 Federal St. represents one of several key data centres in Chicago that provide on-ramps to key cloud and network services. It is located within the historic Printing House Row District.

We are excited to provide our customers with SDN-enabled, elastic interconnection in Chicago.

Eric Troyer

Author: Eric Troyer

Chief Marketing Officer

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