4Degrees and Megaport Take on Eastern Canada

September 16, 2016 — As the demand for cloud services in Canada rapidly rises, now couldn’t be a more perfect time to announce our partnership with 4Degrees. This partnership means that we are extending the Megaport Fabric to 4Degrees data centres, providing immediate access for Quebec City and Montreal based customers to acquire connectivity to cloud and network services. Together, we will be one of the first Azure ExpressRoute providers in the region supporting data sovereignty compliance capabilities and high performance to Azure resources within Canada!

The Canadian demand for cloud is more than just a gentle uptick. Public cloud infrastructure is expected to increase by 45% in Canada through 2016, and Gartner estimates that there will be a roughly $4.5 billion increase in public cloud expenditure over the next four years1. This is the key business driver for Megaport and 4Degrees to expand our combined reach and we are confident in our ability to meet demand.


“Today, Enterprises are more dependent on their IT infrastructure than ever before. A large majority of Enterprises are now moving their IT infrastructure into data centres where space, power, and network is abundant and can be managed remotely. Coincidentally, with more and more Enterprises moving towards cloud based applications, users have a requirement for security and redundancy when accessing the cloud while expecting the same performance as if the data was residing on-premise.

Enterprises want their business sensitive data to be stored in highly secure and redundant data centres while they look to operate less sensitive portions of their data over a large public cloud infrastructure. This desire for Enterprises to turn to hybrid cloud solutions is the primary reason behind our partnership. At 4Degrees, we will now be able to directly link customers to top public cloud providers via a single mode fibre cross-connect inside our Montreal and Quebec facilities. We believe this is a game changer in our industry as we can now on-ramp Enterprises to the public cloud in a scalable, fully secure and redundant fashion.”

– Julien Dernaucourt, Director Hosted Services, 4Degrees

4Degrees is a pretty exciting and innovative company. They, along with Fibrenoire are part of the Videotron family of service providers. The name 4Degrees comes from the average annual temperature in Quebec City, 4.6° Celsius, which enables the data centre to maintain an optimum temperature year round – resulting in substantial energy savings through passive cooling technology2. Their intelligent air-conditioning system recycles cold external air when the outdoor temperature is suitable, thereby providing free cooling to the facility. This allows for both an eco-responsible and economical approach as 4Degrees is able to keep their Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) under 1.1 in winter.

Quebec was the perfect place for 4Degrees to have opened a data centre. The region allows for an ideal combination of clean hydroelectric power and cold temperatures and the locals are clearly supportive of their business. When the 4Degrees’ data centre was opened in Montreal, they received the following acclaim:

“This project fits perfectly into our economic development strategy and our drive to make Montreal a smart city, a hub of innovation and digital technology,” said Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. “The popularity of data centres and cloud computing with businesses and institutions is evident. This project clearly signals that Montreal is creating a supportive environment for the growth of tech businesses3.”

Our cloud exchange is is now available from 4Degrees data centres enabling Enterprises to consume dedicated private connections to public cloud providers. An Enterprise can now be in full control of their cloud offerings by rapidly provisioning cloud services in seconds, and scale bandwidth on demand. In addition, Megaport will extend the serviceable network reach between 4Degrees Montreal and Quebec Data Centers, Fibrenoire’s private network offerings and Videotron’s telecommunications. Quebec customers can consume last mile access, IP Transit, colocation, fiber, managed services, and now on-ramp to cloud services.

4Degrees, we are very happy to welcome you to the Megaport Fabric!

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