Forecast for The Windy City: More Clouds!

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350 Cermak in Chicago has been Megaported! The site is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in the Chicago metro area.

Megaport’s Chicago metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs) to key Cloud Service Providers including:

  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute
  • Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • AWS Direct Connect

Plus, as with all locations Internet Exchange services are available. Find out how easy it is to get connected via our portal or contact our sales team via email.

350 Cermak is a 1.1 Million square foot behemoth! The building was originally built to house printing presses for catalogues. In 1999, it started being utilized as a telco facility. Today it has grown to be a critical hub for the interconnection of networks, content, cloud service providers and financial trading firms.

We are excited to provide our customers with SDN-enabled, elastic interconnection in Chicago!

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