OrionVM making their services available via Megaport

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I’m always excited when customers and partners show people how they are using Megaport to help their customers find not just great economics, but flexible terms on which to get a full suite of services delivered to them.

When we get a chance to talk about any of our customers, I’m game. There are a lot of great companies connected to Megaport and I really love the opportunity to highlight them when the chance arises.

So this week I’m highlighting OrionVM, one of Australia’s largest wholesale IaaS and cloud services providers. They wanted to let their customers, both existing and prospective, know that there was now another choice to connect to them.

On June 2, 2015, OrionVM announced that they were making their services available via Megaport and that their customers could connect to them via our platform. This is precisely one of the scenarios we are trying to foster across our fabric for providers and consumers of networking, cloud, content and Internet services.

Read OrionVM’s press release >

This isn’t just the case of existing Megaport customers using OrionVM (which is great to see!) but it’s also a chance for OrionVM customers to find a new way to connect to them rather than traditional telco services models.

Our flexible terms are a real benefit for enterprise and service providers, and the ability to spin up services to companies like OrionVM on-demand is unparalleled.

In short, thanks to OrionVM for joining our services fabric and bringing greater depth of choice to the quality services Megaport customers can access!

Denver Maddux
CEO, Megaport



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