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Making Complex Cloud Networking Manageable

Making Complex Cloud Networking Manageable

How Network as a Service removes the complexity of cloud networking. Between public and private offerings, market-leading solution packages compiled by the world’s biggest tech companies, and agile new services delivered by nimble startups, there’s a lot on offer in the cloud. So, it’s no surprise that as businesses rush to embrace all that the cloud can deliver, it can

Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication

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Problem with Public Internet Connectivity

The Problem with Public Internet Connectivity

Exploring the pitfalls of public internet connectivity for cloud access – and identifying your alternatives. The cloud has completely transformed the way we do business today. By giving companies of all sizes ways to access – and in many cases, build – services and technology that were previously prohibitively expensive or impossible for them to manage, it’s levelled the enterprise

Bringing the Cloud to the Edge in North America

Bringing the Cloud to the Edge in North America

Why our recent expansion with vXchnge will make a difference for North American enterprises. North America’s fastest growing cities will rely on the cloud to power businesses. Cisco predicts that by 2021, North America will generate the most cloud traffic out of the world’s regions with 7.7 Zettabytes produced. Thinking about the next-generation technologies that have become embedded in the

de koning Megaport Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: de Koning

“With Megaport, we can provide our customers fast, flexible, and secure connectivity to cloud services. It also enables us to expand our managed services proposition.” – Robert de Koning, CEO, de Koning de Koning is a Dutch IT solution provider that delivers consultancy and managed IT services for on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments in the Netherlands and for several international

KAEMI Megaport Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: KAEMI

“With Megaport as our partner, we now have another important modular building block for our Full Managed Services. Our customers no longer have to decide – they can have their cloud everywhere, and the connection is always the same: quickly regulated and hyper-scalable. Especially with regard to the hybrid SD-WAN solutions we offer, Megaport will probably be indispensable in the

North America Interconnectivity

North America’s Demand for Interconnectivity Surges

The North American interconnectivity market continues a significant growth trend; Megaport has seen an 80% jump in Monthly Recurring Revenue across the region in the last six months. Enterprises are increasingly adopting direct interconnection to stay ahead of the game and utilise the new wave of cloud technologies coming through in 2019. In fact, the worldwide public cloud services market is

Nine Common Multicloud Scenarios

Nine Common Scenarios for Multicloud Design

How to use Megaport and Megaport Cloud Router for multicloud designs – from simple single-region to complex resilient multi-region architectures. When it comes to architecting cloud infrastructure to host business-critical applications, any enterprise should make sure they have measures in place to protect their organisation from experiencing an outage. A high-performance backup architecture could mean the difference between your mission-critical


AWS re:Invent 2018: Key Announcements and Insights

Key announcements from AWS re:Invent 2018 that you need to know about. As always, re:Invent was packed with technical content, hands-on learning experiences, and networking opportunities, this year. With around 65,000 attendees, the event involved five days of sessions and workshops across Las Vegas. With over 70 new product announcements delivered during the course of re:Invent, there was a strong


Partner Spotlight: Foghorn Consulting

“Megaport allows Foghorn to design and implement multicloud workloads with network connectivity that is more performant, more cost-effective, and easier to manage. Megaport also allows us to spin up these solutions in record time; a key requirement for our clients who are rapidly innovating.” – Peter Roosakos, CTO, Foghorn Consulting Foghorn Consulting was founded in 2008 with a mission to


Partner Spotlight: ROOT Data Center

“The partnership between ROOT Data Center and Megaport removes the barriers to cloud adoption, providing customers with a more flexible option to leverage public cloud services in conjunction with colocation. Their legacy applications can remain in ROOT’s colocation facilities, while cloud-ready applications can seamlessly migrate to various CSPs and their specific global regions using a single cross-connect to Megaport from

AWS Direct Connect Active:Active

Achieving Network Redundancy with an Active/Active AWS Direct Connect Connection

When it comes to moving mission-critical workloads into the cloud, backup is your best friend. Your enterprise business probably operates all day, every day, so continuity and constant uptime are crucial for keeping everything running smoothly. Risking your business on a single link design could mean losing data, customers, and even revenue if your connection goes down. Implementing a redundancy


Microsoft Ignite 2018: Announcements and Insights

All the announcements coming up at Microsoft Ignite 2018 that you need to know about. Microsoft is gearing up for its annual tech conference, Ignite, where the industry congregates to get the latest insights and skills from leaders and practitioners shaping the future of cloud, data, business intelligence, teamwork, and productivity. Each year, Microsoft uses this ultimate tech conference to

Oracle Cloud and Megaport

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Connecting to Microsoft Office 365 via Megaport’s Internet Exchange

Microsoft Office 365 has become a staple cloud application for enterprise businesses globally. Microsoft Office 365 has become a staple business productivity solution for enterprise companies globally. As more and more businesses access and increase their usage to reach this software, they’re looking for the fastest, most cost-effective, and most direct connections to get there. We’ll explore Microsoft’s private and

Partner Spotlight: DataBank

DataBank is a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud, hybrid IT, and connectivity services, delivering 100% uptime availability of data, applications, and infrastructure. DataBank’s managed data center services are anchored in world-class facilities. Complementing Databank’s vision “To deliver the most complete and interconnected hybrid solution for the Enterprise”, it has partnered with Megaport and joined the Cloud Exchange. In

A Megaport Guide to Creating a Multicloud Connectivity Strategy

Exploring the advantages of direct connectivity for multicloud and ways to build a smart network architecture. Most organisations looking to design a multicloud strategy aspire to the benefits that best-of-breed cloud services can bring to their network architecture; flexibility, resilience, cost efficiency, and performance. Others might have come across the idea of multicloud when problem-solving a different issue only to find an

Partner Spotlight: ahd GmbH & Co. KG

“Hybrid and multi-cloud strategies help businesses to keep a competitive edge. This poses a great challenge to German small- and medium-sized companies. Our partnership with Megaport enables us to enlarge our Managed Services portfolio and offer these companies direct connectivity to an ecosystem of Cloud and Service Providers. Megaport matches our need for an agile, flexible, and future-oriented partner perfectly.

How Virtual Routing Solves BGP Challenges for Hybrid Cloud

Remove the complexities of connecting your on-premise and public cloud environments with Megaport Cloud Router’s virtual networking capabilities. Like many other enterprise companies, you have probably made significant investments in your on-premise technologies. But as cloud adoption continues to grow significantly, you might be exploring ways to up your cloud game to stay competitive. It’s time to embrace the benefits

Spotlight: Cavern Technologies

“Megaport gives our customers the power to connect to the world’s leading public cloud providers, from within our state-of-the-art facilities, in a scalable, on-demand, and reliable way. Moving mission-critical workloads into the cloud is now easier and faster with Megaport connectivity and Cavern Technologies who are together providing a seamless, high-performance solution.” – Sean Khurana, President & COO, Cavern Technologies

Megaport Cloud Router: Q-in-Q for Microsoft Azure Connectivity

Deep-diving into the technical considerations for provisioning Azure cloud-to-cloud connectivity with Megaport Cloud Router. Enterprise cloud adoption is increasingly shifting towards a multi-cloud focus with a growing number of organisations finding the need to move business-critical applications between multiple cloud services and regions. This enables the distribution of workloads across diversified cloud infrastructure and leverages the benefits of multiple cloud

GCI Partner Megaport

Megaport Extends Customers’ Networks to Google Cloud with Google Cloud’s Partner Interconnect

Megaport today announced support for Google Cloud’s Partner Interconnect (GCI Partner), a service from Google Cloud that allows customers to connect to Google Cloud Platform from anywhere. About Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the fastest growing public Cloud Service Providers globally. Originally developed as an internal Google resource, GCP has evolved as an enterprise platform

NTT Indonesia and Megaport

Indonesia’s Digital Transformation Demands Direct Cloud Connectivity

Megaport and NTT Indonesia provide direct cloud connectivity solutions for enterprises embracing the region’s state of digital transformation. Indonesia aims to become the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia by 2020.1 With the nation embracing new technologies and reshaping IT strategies to become digital-first, their target of reaching a market valuation of $130 Billion doesn’t seem far-fetched. In fact, the online

Direct connect blog graphic

Provisioning Connectivity with AWS Direct Connect Gateway and Megaport

AWS Direct Connect Gateway enables the connectivity of multiple Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) across AWS Regions worldwide. AWS features and services are ever-evolving in order to keep up with next-generation technologies and solve the ongoing enterprise challenges that come with accessing workloads and moving data across regions. One fundamental aspect of enterprise cloud strategy is dedicated connectivity between on-premises environments

Network solutions spotlight

Spotlight: Network Solutions Group

“Being a Megaport partner seamlessly extends our solutions beyond those of traditional telecommunications providers. This enables us to offer comprehensive data centre interconnect, cloud, and peering services, which delivers dependable high-performing connectivity to private and public cloud environments.” – David Veness, Managing Director, Network Solutions Group   Network Solutions Group is 100% channel focused. They partner with ICT integrators and Cloud

Direct Connectivity to the World’s Leading CRM Services

Salesforce Express Connect is now available on the Megaport Network enabling businesses to achieve faster and more reliable access to Salesforce data and services. Software as a Service (SaaS) powerhouse, Salesforce, has surpassed expectations with 25% revenue growth last quarter reinforcing the company as the market leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).¹ Synonymous with a seamless customer experience, it’s Salesforce’s unwavering

Cinia Cloud Connectivity Nordics

Direct Cloud Connectivity in Finland and Beyond

We’ve joined forces with Cinia to deliver optimised cloud connectivity to the Nordics. Finnish software and connectivity solution company, Cinia, has partnered with Megaport to improve access to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for Nordic enterprises. With many of the major cloud onramps available only in continental Europe, getting connected to the data centres and the CSPs has historically been a very

Cyxtera spotlight

Spotlight: Cyxtera

“Hybrid IT is more distributed and diverse than ever. Our partnership with Megaport addresses the ever-growing customer demand for direct access to hyperscale cloud environments and global network connectivity. Cyxtera’s philosophy is to offer organizations the best connectivity choices so they can take full advantage of innovative technologies. Megaport helps us deliver that through their SDN platform.” – Randy Rowland,

vXchange spotlight

Spotlight: vXchnge

vXchnge is a leading carrier-neutral colocation services provider dedicated to improving the business performance of its customers. Through its strategically located data centers across US growth markets, vXchnge delivers unmatched brand protection with its flexible, reliable, resilient and scalable data-center-as-a-service solution. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company joined the Megaport Network as an Ecosystem Partner for interconnection.

Spotlight: Retrac Business Solutions

“Retrac are pleased to announce that, through our partnership with Megaport, our customers now benefit from improved access to cloud services in Australia. We are now extending our services to include Microsoft ExpressRoute, providing guaranteed bandwidth to Microsoft Azure, as well as secure, private traffic to our Skype for Business platform meaning fully hosted Phone Systems capabilities. With Megaport, Retrac’s

Megaport Cloud Router

Megaport Cloud Router: Changing Cloud Networking as you Know it

Unlocking powerful new Layer 3 connectivity options without the need for physical infrastructure. What is Megaport Cloud Router (MCR)? Compute infrastructure and software have increasingly become virtualized and have moved into the cloud, eliminating the need to own, deploy, and administer physical hardware and software licenses. This shift has resulted in many different “as a Service” models that make it

Megaport Cloud Router (Infographic)

Exploring Megaport Cloud Router: Infographic

Explore how easy cloud to cloud networking can be with Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), Megaport’s new global virtual router for on-demand, private, Layer 3 connectivity. 

Q&A: Oracle Cloud

We sat down with Leo Leung, Director of Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to explore his insights into the year that was. Accelerated cloud market growth and new technologies have shaped the company’s focus in 2017. Leo discusses what’s to come for Oracle Cloud in 2018. What has been the main focus for Oracle Cloud in 2017? It’s been an

SaaS, AI, and Connectivity in the Second Wave of Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and AI are evolving and stimulating innovation for cloud consumers. In order to capture the momentum of new technologies, organizations require an optimized and cohesive interconnection and data centre infrastructure solution. Today’s SaaS Applications SaaS has evolved to solve a broader set of business issues, just as organizations have become more entrenched in how

Megaport and IBM Empower Enterprise Cloud

Megaport enables enterprises with direct connectivity to IBM Cloud for access to next-generation technologies. Next-generation technologies are revolutionising interactive capabilities between enterprises and their customers, advancing product design, and changing the way organisations can predict requests. Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and High Performance Computing (HPC) are among the most valuable forward-thinking applications to recently come out of the

AWS re:Invent 2017

AWS focuses on Serverless capabilities, AI and ML accessibility, and global expansion at re:Invent. This year’s AWS re:Invent saw 43,000 attendees flood into Las Vegas. Over 60,000 streamed Andy Jassy’s Keynote. The event stretched beyond The Venetian into the MGM Grand, Aria, and Encore with over 1,000 breakout sessions, multiple hackathons, bootcamps, workshops, and hands-on sessions reaching capacity before the event

Spotlight: Brennan IT

Brennan IT is a full-service IT solutions company that focusses on providing the mid-market with the smart solutions and dedicated support it deserves. The company integrates a broad range of technology capabilities to provide a consistent and seamless service. Solutions include: Managed IT infrastructure: flexible enough to allow customers to select certain components or outsource the whole of their IT

Asia-Pacific Cloud Growth Reaches New Heights

The Asia-Pacific cloud market accelerates as enterprises drive growth trends across the region. Commercial growth in Asia-Pacific’s public cloud services market will reach 17.7% by the end of 2017 to total $10 billion, up from $8.5 billion in 2016.1 Analysts attribute much of this growth to increased adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Bringing Dedicated Cloud Access into Telehouse North

Scalable on-demand cloud access is now available from one of the world’s most connected data centres. Home to key infrastructure like the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and thriving with innovation and financial growth, London remains one of the world’s major tech hubs. The city attracts a multitude of global internet companies while investor money continues to flow into the capital’s

Megaport and HKT Enable Hong Kong with Greater Cloud Access

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Megaport Enables Direct Connectivity to AWS Canada (Central)

Megaport enables direct connectivity to the AWS Canada (Central) Region so enterprises can natively store, manage, and secure data. The term ‘data sovereignty’ has become prevalent amongst Canada’s enterprise market, describing the concept that data is subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which it’s stored. Compliance with data access and privacy remains an extremely important consideration

IP EXPO Europe 2017

Related Posts Direct Cloud Connectivity in Finland and Beyond We’ve joined forces with Cinia to deliver optimised cloud connectivity to the Nordics. Finnish software and connectivity solution company, Cinia, has partnered with Megaport to improve access to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for Nordic enterprises… AWS re:Invent 2017 AWS focuses on Serverless capabilities, AI and ML accessibility, and global expansion at re:Invent.

Spotlight: Evolve IT

“Our partnership with Megaport has allowed us to provide fast, secure access to public cloud resources on the fly without the normal pain associated with providing connectivity. The IX peering has helped increase our ability to provide fast, low latency access to popular content on our internet circuits which increases our clients’ satisfaction and allows us to drive the price

Oracle Cloud and Megaport Empower Finance in Frankfurt

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure opens new Frankfurt region, helps accelerate cloud adoption in Europe’s major financial centre. Frankfurt’s steadfast drive towards cloud computing will play a significant part in reshaping the global financial marketplace as cloud becomes crucial in this space.1 The world’s corporate headquarters and big business that reside in Central Europe are likely feeling the impact of this technological

The Internet is a Series of Tubes: Peering and the MegaIX

Share and source traffic with a global network of service providers via the MegaIX. Peering via an Internet Exchange (IX) is an effective measure for businesses to source and share content across global networks. Large-scale providers have dominated the IX space up until recent times and now, enterprises are leveraging IX services to quickly and easily access and distribute data

Three Steps to Direct Cloud Connectivity

Get to the cloud with seamless direct connectivity. Across the globe, cloud has become a highly appealing IT solution for businesses of all sizes, who are increasingly managing and deploying IT infrastructure, applications, and services in web-based environments. Benefits of cloud include lower costs and reduced management workloads as well as increased flexibility and scalability. But, for those eager to

Breaking the Cycle: Riding for Mental Health

Megaport’s Matt Simpson rides 2,800km from Perth to Broome for mental health. Not-for-profit group TourXOz spearheads the charity cycling event that stretches from Perth to Broome to raise awareness about mental health and raise funds for Black Dog Institute. Promoting physical health to tackle the cycle of depression and anxiety is the name of the game as 65 cyclists ride

Denver Cloud Connectivity

Reaching the Clouds from the Mile-High City

Direct hyperscale cloud connectivity is enabled in Denver, Colorado. Denver, the Mile-High City, has fast become one of the most prolific tech hubs in North America. With a growing number of local companies maturing from startups, and high-level investments injecting funds into the region, Denver’s once fledgling tech community has transformed into a thriving ecosystem1. Rumours suggest that Amazon is

Singapore: The Gateway to Cloud in Southeast Asia

NTT Singapore’s NexConnect Cloud Service, Megaport Connected, drives cloud growth in Southeast Asia. Cloud adoption is taking off in Singapore; the nation was named as the second most ‘cloud ready’ country in the latest Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) Cloud Readiness Index. Market research shows that Singaporean companies are embracing more complex cloud strategies, with 44% of residents taking a

Megaport Teams Up with YourDC to Bring Cloud Access to Adelaide

We’ve enabled direct cloud connectivity in Adelaide to drive technological innovation. Cloud adoption across the Asia-Pacific is at an all-time high and Australia is leading the way in terms of growth. Gartner has indicated that Australia’s cloud market will reach $6.5 billion this year–up 15 percent from 2016–thanks, predominantly, to a boom in Software as a Service (SaaS) uptake. As

Breaking Down Barriers to Cloud with Stream Data Centers

North America gets greater cloud connectivity with Microsoft Azure’s new San Antonio gateway. We’ve joined forces with Stream Data Centers to drive cloud adoption for North American enterprises. Stream, a national data center developer and colocation solutions provider, can now empower its customers with direct connectivity to world-leading Cloud Service Providers. This partnership transforms the way that enterprises can integrate

Megaport Delivers Around-the-World Connectivity with New Hong Kong to London Link

Megaport customers can now provision direct low-latency connections between Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Hong Kong and London, two alpha world cities, are now joined via direct, rapid, and secure connectivity. We’re already seeing market trends like cloud adoption making a powerful impact on global industries, and Europe and Asia-Pacific are no exceptions. While, after a slow start, Western Europe has

This Month in Cloud: Microsoft Inspire

This month, we joined with over 17,000 partners to network and collaborate at Microsoft Inspire 2017 in Washington DC. The Megaport team attended Microsoft’s largest global partner event for the second year running. We discovered new industry initiatives aligning with changes in the cloud market and learned about how our enterprise customers would benefit from them. One Commercial Partner Satya

Megaport and QTS Enhance Cloud Connectivity for Hybrid IT Solutions

Hybrid cloud is at your fingertips! Megaport and QTS have joined forces to empower enterprises with optimised connectivity to more of the services they need. As the big shift to hybrid IT environments progresses, enterprises are accessing the benefits of multiple service providers via one connectivity strategy. Cloud connectivity plays a significant part in this as more and more companies

Spotlight: Uniti Wireless

“Megaport’s reach and SDN-based fabric will allow Uniti to provide additional services to our customers, as well as the ability to extend our network as we expand. The ability to also offer our business and enterprise customers with more rapid access to Azure, AWS and other cloud providers than the traditional telcos, is a great advantage.” – Che Metcalfe, Co-CEO,

Spotlight: Xfernet

“Xfernet is very excited to announce its new partnership with Megaport. After being a customer of Megaport for some time we saw tremendous value in adding Megaport solutions to our portfolio. Customers look to Xfernet to advise and provide network services of all types. With market demand, quality solutions, and great leadership, Megaport is the perfect partner for Xfernet to

Shining a Spotlight on Enabling Technology

We’re delighted to receive the award for ‘Best Enabling Technology’ in the ‘Software as a Service and Cloud Service’ category as part of the 2017 Visionary Spotlight Awards. The awards, organised by Beka Business Media and ChannelVision Magazine, celebrate communication innovation from channels and service providers alike. The cornerstone focus of our company is to make connectivity easy. Recognition for

Megaport Makes Waves in Miami

Megaport Makes Waves in Miami

Welcome to Miami, Megaport! We’ve just enabled two data centres which means users can now provision rapid, reliable, and secure elastic connections from Florida and beyond. With growing status in international trade and technology, Miami has become an access point to Latin America for regional enterprises. Our new points of presence in this region give businesses with their IT infrastructure

Megaport and Aqua Comms Partnership Wins Infrastructure Innovation Award

Megaport’s partnership with Aqua Comms has been celebrated at the Telecoms Innovation Summit and Awards, organised by Global Telecoms Business. Together with Aqua Comms’ Jol Paling, I picked up the award for Infrastructure Innovation on behalf of Megaport. The Infrastructure Innovation award celebrates a partnership between a vendor and operator that delivers a significant advance in connectivity. Megaport and Aqua

Alibaba Cloud now available on Megaport

Alibaba and Megaport Join Forces to Optimise Global Cloud Interconnection

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with China’s leading Cloud Service Provider, Alibaba Cloud, enabling them to expand into other markets across our global cloud exchange. At Alibaba, they address the demand for multinationals outside of China to operate behind China’s firewall and likewise for local businesses looking to expand and operate IT resources globally. By partnering with

Rapid, Agile, and Reliable Connectivity from Australia-New Zealand to North America

The Megaport Network is bridging the geographical gap between multinational cloud access capabilities by delivering Software-Defined Networking (SDN) capacity between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, USA. The introduction of this new international route enables rapid, agile, and reliable connectivity between two major regions; Australia-New Zealand and North America. Our established Australian market will now have the ability to access key

Spotlight: Spectrum Networks

“Spectrum Networks have wholesale agreements with every major Australian carrier. Our partnership with Megaport allows our integrators to connect ethernet in most data centres to any business premises in Australia using the ideal last mile solution.” – Matt Perkins, Managing Director, Spectrum Networks Spectrum Networks is one of the original and oldest ISPs in Australia. They are proud to be

Spotlight: Data Express

“Data Express (DX) leverages Megaport in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. The partnership enables us to spin up services for customers and other wholesalers at a rapid rate. Through this collaboration, we can now service other Service Providers and DX Channel Partner Providers to access data centre locations where they have no presence and previously would be unable to reach.

How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Global Cloud Market

This week, I publicly kicked off my new role at Megaport at London’s Telco Cloud Forum. I was asked to participate in an interactive panel together with market colleagues from BCSG, Epsilon Telecommunications and Telefonica Business Solutions. The main focus of discussion during the panel revolved around the considerations to make when creating a global cloud offering to maximise revenue

Oracle and Megaport Team Up to Offer Rapid Provisioning for Cloud Interconnection

The cloud promises fast, flexible IT, but the initial setup can sometimes be anything but. Even if an organisation can provision cloud services quickly, it often then needs to spend time reconfiguring the network to connect on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Some providers are different though, extending the speed and simplicity of cloud right through to the initial setup. Oracle is

Spotlight: Harbour ISP

“Harbour ISP was an early adopter of Megaport and has found the service to be highly reliable and extremely scalable. Megaport has enabled us to bring multi-Gbps data links to our Equinix data centre with immediate deployment and the capability to vary the link sizes instantly. Megaport enables Harbour ISP to deliver NBN services as a Layer 2 service to

Spotlight: Ordnance

“Ordnance has connected to Megaport’s Sydney and Melbourne locations to extend our carrier-grade, cloud-scale virtual router as a service platform. Megaport’s Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) infrastructure enables us to expand our connectivity footprint alongside theirs and presents our customers with real-time connectivity to our platform and Megaport’s.” – Alexander Turner, CEO, Ordnance Ordnance is a cloud networking provider offering a carrier-grade,

Google Cloud Onboard

Google Technically Enables Australia

Recently, we had the pleasure of attending the first ever Google Cloud Onboard, an event offering a step-by-step technical introduction to the Google Cloud Platform. It was an honour to be invited to both training days in Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve been working with Google for the past three years and were the only connectivity partner to be invited to



“With a simple and straightforward approach to accessing the most relevant cloud platforms in enterprise IT, Megaport has been one of the more talked about new providers in our portfolio in a while.  Their product is easy to consume and relevant in virtually every customer environment and lends itself to the transformative IT discussions our partners are having with their

Megaport Exchange

Megaport Exchange

Related Posts Connecting to Microsoft Office 365 via Megaport’s Internet Exchange Microsoft Office 365 has become a staple cloud application for enterprise businesses globally. Microsoft Office 365 has become a staple business productivity solution for enterprise companies globally. As more and more businesses access and increa… How Virtual Routing Solves BGP Challenges for Hybrid Cloud Remove the complexities of connecting


“We are excited about our partnership with Megaport as we recognise them as the Asia Pacific leader in SDN network reach, extending to Data Centres that are entirely independent. These principles fit with GCOMM’s network aggregation core values. The partnership will further enable our network of last mile aggregation with an equivalent data centre SDN network, for simple and effective


“Enterprises in Thailand are increasingly seeking to connect to public cloud, particularly the financial services and educational institutions. The demand is clear for secure and direct connectivity that is easy and quick to provision. Our joint service with Megaport fits that requirement perfectly, where Symphony customers can enjoy secure and direct multicloud connectivity on-demand with rapid provisioning of just 59

DTS Joins Megaport


“Megaport’s fabric allows DTS to cost effectively utilise our universal tier 1 access to NZ ultra fast broadband (UFB) services by opening up access to Australian wholesale demand. Not only that, Megaport extends the reach of our network, they help us cost effectively connect to our Australian wholesale clients plus the elastic nature of the service means it is an

Blog: Data Foundry

Reseller Spotlight: Data Foundry

One of the first 50 ISP’s in the United States, Data Foundry has over 20 years in the industry. In order to have stuck around for so long in such a rapidly changing and expanding marketplace, they have shown a great amount of adaptability and an open mind to utilising new technologies. We’d like to introduce them as a new


“OptiComm has Megaport connected to its Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane Points of Interconnect to allow smaller Carriage Service Providers to access OptiComm connected premises quickly and cost effectively with the flexibility of delivering increased bandwidth on demand. Megaport enables easy and fast on-boarding for all Retail Service Providers.” – Phil Smith, Chief Regulatory Officer, OptiComm OptiComm is an independent,


“Megaport’s delivery methodology is certainly one that we embrace. The flexible process in how we order virtual cross connects has revolutionized our internal processes enabling fast and reliable network changes within moments of placing an order. This allows for a mouldable network ecosystem with little delays and better customer service. Being able to bring virtual cross connects online in a

Megaport becomes first Microsoft ExpressRoute provider in Quebec City

For February in Cloud, we’re pleased to share that in a strategic partnership move with Microsoft and Videotron’s 4Degrees Data Centers, we now provide Microsoft ExpressRoute locally to customers in the Montreal and Quebec City regions of Canada. Megaport is the first ExpressRoute provider for Microsoft in Quebec City. As part of the partnership with 4Degrees, any customer in, or connected to

Azure Berlin

Azure Berlin, Now Available with Megaport

It’s official, Azure Berlin is now available from Megaport. To say that we’re excited about this is an understatement. Germany has been such an interesting market for us, and we entered it in a relatively dramatic fashion. It was no easy feat building to the Azure German Cloud, as it required us

Megaport Supports RIPE Atlas Project

I recently became an ambassador for the RIPE Atlas project. Atlas is an initiative by RIPE NCC to deploy a global network of probe devices into a diverse set of networks around the world to collect data on internet connectivity between networks. The data that is collected is shared with network operators and researchers around the world to help identify trends and

Racks Central Enabled With Elastic Cloud Connectivity

Megaport continues to expand its 140+ worldwide locations with Singapore based data-centre operator (DCO), Racks Central. This partnership provides additional opportunities for enterprises and service providers to directly and securely connect to our Cloud Service Providers for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, internet exchange for peering, and data-centre to data-centre interconnectivity. Being a carrier-neutral facility, Racks Central grants customers the freedom

Seaborn and Megaport Light Up South America

In all of our expansion over the past year, we have taken great care to follow the lead of our customers. In this case, we were hearing from our key partners and potential customers about pent up demand in South America. They do not have a viable solution to bring their cloud to North American clouds and instead have to

Hong Kong to Los Angeles, We’ve Got You Covered

Today we announced an international route between Hong Kong and Los Angeles, as well as additional capacity between Singapore and Hong Kong. From the perspective of an enterprise owner, this means that they will have access to on demand, scalable, international capacity. This is a total game changer when compared to the historical model. Join your clouds. Amazon Web Services

Global Transit Joins the Megaport Platform

We are so thrilled to welcome Global Transit (GT) to the Megaport platform. GT is a premium telecommunications and solution provider, focusing in global data connectivity and Internet services. They are a TIME Company and build, own and manage a complex network of fibre optic and submarine cables that have local and global coverage. We are very happy to be

This Month in Cloud January

This Month in Cloud: Financial Benefits of Private Cloud Interconnection

Customers choose to use AWS Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, network performance, security/privacy and reduction of bandwidth costs. In the field it’s routinely observed that most customers primarily adopt a private cloud interconnection network architecture because of the performance and security advantages. However, from time-to-time, reduction of bandwidth/network costs

Voice-Controlled Cloud with AWS Lambda

Last year, along with Riley, and with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS), I ran a presentation on Voice-Controlled Cloud Solutions using AWS Lambda. I gave a demonstration, showing how an Amazon Echo could be used to control Megaport’s advanced SDN fabric with nothing but a few voice commands. Following that, Nick Poole from Riley showed how Amazon’s voice

This Month in Cloud: Megaport’s 100% native Cloud Interconnection ecosystem

No matter how many demos of our portal I participate in, there’s one question that keeps coming up over and over again… How in the world do you spin up those VXCs so quickly?   Most customers and partners assume that there has to be either a third party involved or perhaps an army of monkeys in a closet pushing physical

Exetel Megaport Spotlight

Exetel Joins Megaport Fabric

Today we’d like to introduce Exetel, one of Australia’s largest independent service providers. They’ve been operating for over 10 years, offering a full range of cost effective telecommunication services to both residential and corporate customers. We’ve welcomed them as a reseller partner for Megaport and we couldn’t be happier to have them join our network. As the market evolves, we’ve

Rackspace Megaport Partnership

Rackspace Expands its Multi-Cloud Networking Capabilities through Megaport

Rackspace is expanding its multi-cloud networking capabilities today in a strategic partnership announcement with Megaport. We’re thrilled to announce that users will be able to interconnect seamlessly to Rackspace services and Rackspace customers will also be able to extend their reach to public cloud. It is exciting to finally be able to announce this partnership and help solve for customers’

OrionVM joins Megaport Fabric

Flexible Connectivity With OrionVM

Partnering with a company that has grown its business in a geographically similar way to ours enables many synergies and advantages for end users. Founded in 2010, and based in Sydney and the San Francisco Bay Area, OrionVM is an award-winning wholesale Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. They have developed a revolutionary hyper-converged tech suite (virtual storage, compute, orchestration and virtual networking)

Sofia Connect Partners With Megaport

Elastic Interconnectivity in Eastern Europe with Sofia Connect

Today we announced our strategic partnership with Sofia Connect, a leading wholesale carrier with headquarters in Bulgaria that acts as a gateway provider, linking carriers from the Balkans, Caucasus region, and the Middle East to Western Internet hubs. Through this partnership, Sofia Connect will be able to sell our industry leading Software Defined Network (SDN) services throughout their extensive customer

This Month in Cloud: Cloud Regions vs On-Ramp Locations

As the adoption of the cloud matures, we’re seeing more businesses looking to consolidate global IT resources. What fuels this consolidation? The ever growing need to increase staff productivity, deploy applications faster, reduce costs, and the ability to scale globally to immediately keep up with the changing needs of their business and customer demands. All this demand is evident with

Pioneering the Next Wave of Connectivity with Aqua Comms

In early December, Megaport customers will have a whole new way of connecting across the Atlantic Ocean. Aqua Comms, which operates the AEConnect system, a 13TB undersea cable that connects New York to Dublin and London will be accessible via the Megaport Software Defined Network. This means you will be able to link North American and European data centre locations

Silicon Alley Keeps Growing

November 9, 2016 — Megaport customers have even more choice in the NYC metro; more choice in locations to connect to, service providers to use, and data centres in which to locate their infrastructure. That’s thanks to our new partnership with New York Internet (NYI). In fact, NYC is now Megaport’s largest enabled city by number of connected data centres.

Service Exchange is GO for LAUNCH

November 4, 2016 — Starting today, enterprises have more control over their IT infrastructure and how it is connected. Service Exchange, powered by Megaport, has launched in Digital Realty data centres in Atlanta, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. With Service Exchange, Digital Realty customers get a single management interface to control physical infrastructure, how

CloudCentral joins our fabric!

Megaport is stoked to announce that CloudCentral joined our platform! CloudCentral is an Australian cloud and IT provider that services government, enterprises and IT companies around the country. With data centre locations in three major cities, CloudCentral believes in delivering outstanding reliability and performance with their products. Based in Canberra, CloudCentral’s on-demand scalability, innovative infrastructure and tailored IT solutions mean

It’s Cloudy All Over Germany, Not Just Frankfurt

IT cloud architecture is “multi” – Multi-cloud, multi-metro, and in some instances multi-national. When you think about the depth of physical cloud deployments (the actual infrastructure that makes cloud work), you have to consider several variables; the number of cloud providers, the number of locations enabled by cloud providers, and the number locations where networks and Enterprises have deployed infrastructure

The Philosophy of a Creative Company Culture

Culture, values and attitudes I’ve been in IT for some time now and worked for many different companies. I’ve experienced and learned a great deal in that time especially what makes a company awesome, or awful to work at. I’ve made a list below to describe what I believe to be the philosophy towards the building of a great team, and

IT Resources as a Utility: The Evolution of the Modern IT Model

Introducing the first piece in our Megaport Infographic Series. Read below to learn about IT resources as a utility and the evolution of the modern IT model. Related Posts Making Complex Cloud Networking Manageable How Network as a Service removes the complexity of cloud networking. Between public and private offerings, market-leading solution packages compiled by the world’s biggest tech companies, and

C3ntro Connects Mexico to Cloud Services

Mexican enterprises are looking for cloud connectivity solutions that move away from the public internet to offer more consistent and reliable performance. These same enterprises want to take advantage of popular, yet latency sensitive applications such as Google Apps for Work, AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure, and Skype for business. Realizing this tremendous and unmet need, C3ntro Telecom, an international carrier based

Rethinking Realty in a Cloud Driven World

September 22, 2016 — A quick search for the definition of “realty” yields the following: “real, fixed property”. When considering the architecture of the internet, and more recently cloud services, data centres (a form of real, fixed property) play a critical part in enabling the networks and service providers that bring it all together. However, a core tenet of cloud

Q & A for Q-in-Q: Part 2

Following our last post (https://www.megaport.com/blog/q-in-q-questions-answered-part-1/) where we discussed the concept of stacked VLAN tags (Q-in-Q), in this second part we will focus specifically on Microsoft Azure and the ExpressRoute product offering that brings direct connectivity into the Azure public cloud environment. If you are looking to implement Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure and are considering Megaport as your connectivity solution provider,

4Degrees and Megaport Take on Eastern Canada

September 16, 2016 — As the demand for cloud services in Canada rapidly rises, now couldn’t be a more perfect time to announce our partnership with 4Degrees. This partnership means that we are extending the Megaport Fabric to 4Degrees data centres, providing immediate access for Quebec City and Montreal based customers to acquire connectivity to cloud and network services. Together,

Visualising Megaport's Network

Visualising Megaport’s Network

What do you guys do again? Here at Megaport, we offer customers several layer 2 network services on top of our layer 1 network1.  The physical network can be thought of as a set of points with connections between them, and is ultimately represented in a database structure something like this (representing a ring network of three locations): The physical network

Spotlight: Over the Wire

Over the Wire is one of our earliest DCO partners and customer on the Megaport platform, having joined the fabric at the start of 2014! Over the Wire is an IT and Telecommunications solutions provider with a difference – believing in cooperatively building high quality solutions with clients to make sure they get the best outcome, rather than using a cookie-cutter, one

Q & A for Q-in-Q part 1

In this two part blog series, we will cover some of the basics around double-stacked VLAN tagging, otherwise known as Q-in-Q, or by it’s formal IEEE definition, 802.1ad. What is VLAN tagging? There are two types of ports on network switches.  Most vendors use terms such as “Trunk Port” and “Access Port” to differentiate them.  Access ports define a port

Megaport in a Box

Introducing Megaport-in-a-Box (Schrödinger’s Megaport)

We would like to introduce Megaport-in-a-Box, our new data centre enablement program! This online program creates the ability for data centre operators to include Megaport as part of their data centre offering, cloud connectivity strategy, and internal cross connect solution. Simply put, it’s a service designed to match our product to your data centres by assessing the suitability on both

CyrusOne Brings Dallas Closer to the Cloud

CyrusOne Brings Dallas Closer to the Cloud

CyrusOne’s Carrollton and Lewisville Texas based data centres are now enabled with Megaport’s SDN-based elastic interconnection fabric. What does this mean for the Greater Dallas Area? Our friends at CyrusOne couldn’t have said it better: “Enterprises can create the perfect cloud connectivity solution by combining Megaport’s software-defined network (SDN) with the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform. This arrangement enables

What Megaport and Europe Mean For Each Other

What Megaport and Europe Mean For Each Other

It is rare that timing works so well. We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor the European Peering Forum on the 19th – 21st September in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our sponsorship comes on the heels of some amazing news for Megaport and the cloud services and data interconnection markets in Europe. With the acquisition of ECIX and OM-NIX announced only a

The ECIX Story

The ECIX Story – All About our Peering Customers

When building ECIX, we have always been driven by customer and internet industry requirements. It’s our customers that are the driving force behind our decisions to expand the ECIX footprint and services. Ultimately, we entered into this acquisition to provide our peering partners, and the internet industry, a greater future, and access to a network outside of our existing market.

Connectivity I.T.

Spotlight: Connectivity I.T.

Connectivity I.T. celebrates over 2 years of Megaport connectivity! They provide leading network services like IP transit, Ethernet transport, and DDoS mitigation. They are participating on Mega-IX and are available as a service provider on the Megaport Elastic platform. Connectivity I.T.’s model is centered on the simplification of technology, and they are passionate about bringing customers to the cloud with ease.


Europe: Our Team and what we’ve built

Strategy is important. Tactics and execution are paramount. But nothing is more important than the people on your team. When doing business in Europe, one size does not fit all. Different languages, business customs, laws, regulations, and demand drivers manifest across national borders. This is true for the industry as a whole, where inconsistencies in processes entail varying terms, conditions, and

International NodeBots Day

International NodeBots Day, Brisbane

NodeBots!  We couldn’t be more excited to sponsor International NodeBots Day 2016, Brisbane. On July 23rd our engineers and creatives will be let out of their bunkers to join a team of students, fully-fledged developers, and everyone in between to write some slick JavaScript,  play with a tonne of cool hardware to build a mega-robot capable of parking a Tesla

xpressRoute Service Key

How to Fix an ExpressRoute Service Key Error

Following on from our blog on April 4th regarding the reduced pricing for ExpressRoute Premium, here’s some quick hints and tips to get you started if you’re having issues in populating your ExpressRoute Service Key request, as needed by the Portal. Where is this information relevant? If you have requested an ExpressRoute connection via the Portal, you will be asked for


Spotlight: Internap

Internap has joined the Megaport Fabric! They are enabling their CloudOption solution which provides Internap customers with secure, direct connections to cloud services. In addition, Megaport customers can gain direct access to Internap’s massive customer base of high tech companies. CloudOption’s flat-rate billing makes budgeting easy and helps keep costs in line regardless of the amount of data pushed back

Get on the Hong Kong ExpressRoute

Are you looking to scale your Asia-based Cloud solutions? Do you want to improve performance, increase reliability, and secure your cloud connectivity all while making it easier to plan and provision your network? There is one simple way to do it all: connect to Microsoft ExpressRoute for Azure in Hong Kong via Megaport. The Megaport Elastic Fabric is now directly

Securing Your Cloud Connections

Our customers often have questions about the Megaport network, in relation to our level of routing stability, throughput, and isolation provided by our MPLS backbone. Recently our customers have been asking how to architect an IPSEC encrypted tunnel between a Megaport-enabled customer location, and one or more public cloud platforms. This post will cover some of the details on how to best configure this within your

Spotlight – IP Transit

Elastic Interconnection creates opportunities for new, flexible service models. That is why IP Transit has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform to enable high quality IP Transit services on month-to-month terms. IP Transit will provide access to the mostly highly sought after routes in Australia by securing direct connectivity to multiple services providers. Customers can chose specific

R&E Networks: The Original Net

We all have accounts with an Internet Service Provider at home. Some of us in the network building business buy IP Transit, participate in Internet Exchanges and perhaps have stepped into the world of cloud computing too! But in the early days of the Internet, it was the Research & Education networks that first brought the Internet to most countries.

Fujitsu Pushes For Greater Cloud Adoption in Perth

Perth is an emerging cloud market. Want proof? Just look at the recent coverage from CRN. It is a trend we identified some time ago and are committed to serving what has historically been an underserved market. Being data centre neutral is critical for extending the reach of direct cloud connectivity to the places enterprise can access them. That is

Bringing New Zealand Cloud Services into Vocus

Tapping into better disaster recovery, offsite storage, cloud-based productivity applications, and IP localisation in New Zealand just became a lot easier. Vocus’ data centre at 7a Parkhead Place is Megaported! Vocus’ Auckland data centre provides an excellent point to connect into the Megaport Elastic Fabric to access Internet Exchange (IX) services for IP Peering and directly connecting to key Cloud

Spotlight: ColoAU

ColoAU has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform for peering on the Internet Exchange as well as providing direct access to their “Transit on Demand” service. ColoAU is a telecommunications service provider specialising in Connectivity, Colocation and Infrastructure services. They have built their own global network, spanning Australia, New Zealand & the United States. ColoAU provide transit


We’re bringing Cloud Connectivity closer to the EDGE. Today we announced our partnership with EdgeConnex. The Portland EdgeConnex facility will soon have our Elastic Fabric enabled. This means that enterprises in the Portland metro will have access to direct cloud connectivity to major providers like Microsoft Azure via ExpressRoute and AWS via Direct Connect. We will also enable IX services.

Hong Kong to Singapore, The Elastic Way

Our customers use our Elastic Fabric for a variety of reason. Of course you can directly connect to cloud services with a few mouse clicks. But did you know the Megaport Fabric also provides a fast and easy way to get point-to-point connectivity between key data services markets? Singapore and Hong Kong, are a great example where customers can take

Portal v3.0 is Here!

You need services provisioned fast. SDN, elasticity, and automation make that happen at the Fabric layer. But your ability to find providers, select services, and execute orders are another major part of this goal. We listened to you, our valued customers, and your excellent feedback on how we can improve your experience. Your feedback has yielded a number of changes

600 South Federal St. Chicago is Megaported!

Our Chicago metro footprint continues to grow with the addition of 600 South Federal St. to the Megaport Fabric. Megaport’s Chicago metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs) to key Cloud Service Providers including: Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute for Office 365 Google Cloud Interconnect AWS Direct Connect Plus, as with all locations Internet Exchange services are available.

SPOTLIGHT: Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform for peering on the Internet Exchange as well as direct access to their Internet Access, Satellite, and Fixed Wireless services among others. Wireless Nation is the only internet service provider (ISP) who provides fast broadband access anywhere in New Zealand. Whether you live in the beautiful remote Chatham

Getting the most out of ExpressRoute’s price reduction

Late last week Microsoft released a significant overhaul of their ExpressRoute offer pricing for users of direct Office 365 connectivity. The Premium routing option, which is required for Office 365 has dropped from USD$3k/month (on top of the standard port charges), to just USD$75/month in the case of the 50Mbps circuit sizing. Check out the updated ExpressRoute pricing table on


onPlatinum ICT has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform for business connectivity services as well as providing direct access to their Cloud Computing, Hosted Business Phone Systems, and Backup and Disaster Recovery services, among others. Drawing on the combined knowledge, leadership and experience of staff and suppliers, onPlatinum ICT delivers an integrated, seamless and comprehensive approach to

SPOTLIGHT: Zadara Storage

Zadara Storage has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our platform to provide Storage as a Service (STaaS) to the Megaport ecosystem while also directly connecting to major cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Zadara™ Storage is a pioneer provider of enterprise STaaS, delivering high-performance, highly available and predictable (QoS) file and block storage, in a

APRICOT and Kiwis

Just wow, what a great event our Kiwi friends put on. Over two weeks in February our friends at InternetNZ hosted the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies APRICOT 2016 in Auckland, the first time it had been held in New Zealand. With 531 delegates having attended representing 53 economies it really is a great event to both

SPOTLIGHT: Hitech Solutions

Hitech Solutions has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our elastic fabric to access AWS Direct Connect, ExpressRoute for Azure and O365 among other services. Hitech Solutions will connect in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. Established in 2007, Hitech Solutions is a NZ-owned business only Telco that provides feature rich voice, internet and data solutions for medium to large enterprises.

SPOTLIGHT: Zettagrid

Zettagrid has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilize our fabric to localise and peer traffic on the Internet Exchange and access Cloud Service Providers via CXCs. Zettagrid’s services including, Virtual Data Centre, Object Storage, DR, Ethernet and MPLS networking, will be available to the Megaport ecosystem. They will connect to the fabric in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, and

Spotlight: Akamai

We’re pleased to announce that Akamai is joining the Megaport Elastic Fabric! Akamai’s Intelligent Platform will tie into our platform in all markets where Megaport operates today. Christian Kaufmann, Senior Director Network Services at Akamai Technologies added: “The Akamai Intelligent Platform is already deployed in more than 1,400 networks. Our global agreement with Megaport provides further options to interconnect and

Spotlight: MOQdigital

MOQdigital has joined the Megaport Fabric! They will utilise our platform to provide direct connectivity for their clients that use Cloud-based applications such as Azure and AWS. MOQdigital will connect to our fabric in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Auckland. MOQdigital are a client-focused organisation providing innovative solutions across data, applications and systems to deliver a superior digital experience for

Brisbane City Council awards Megaport a 5-year contract to connect to cloud services

Many municipal organisations that provide critical services find themselves in a common situation; as their cities grow and critical services are consumed on an ever-increasing basis, they have a significant number of IT applications and various architectures to support them. Brisbane City Council, with hundreds of different IT applications is a great example. Council provides a diverse range of public

Megaport Brings the Cloud to Host Networks

Host Networks has just been Megaported! Located in the Brisbane technology park precinct at Eight Mile Plains, the addition of Host Networks’ Tier III data centre opens up even greater connectivity options for Australian businesses. This latest extension to the Megaport fabric, brings the total number of Australian Megaport Enabled Locations up to 25. In addition to expanding Internet Exchange

Spotlight: 1CLOUDSTAR

We’re pleased 1CLOUDSTAR has selected us as their connectivity partner of choice to support their growing cloud business. Or, as Ben Williams, Vice President of Sales at 1CLOUDSTAR says, “Megaport bolsters 1CLOUDSTAR as a one-stop cloud shop for enterprise customers in the region.” 1CLOUDSTAR, headquartered in Singapore, with coverage across the Asia Pacific region, is a pure-play Enterprise Cloud Services

CyrusOne is Megaported!

Imagine you found a way to expand your market presence into 13 new U.S. data centres with immediate abilities to deploy services. Now, imagine those data centres are filled with companies that want and need your services. What if you found a completely different cost model to deploy within those data centres? It all sounds almost too good to be

Partnering for Next-level Interconnection Services

Selecting strategic partners is hard. Especially when you are as passionate about customer service as we are. It’s even more difficult when you are in the business of providing critical Internet and cloud interconnection infrastructure. But, the more we looked at AMS-IX, the easier the decision became. They have been a provider of critical Internet interconnection services for over two

Why We Joined Euro-IX

Back in August I wrote a short post about joining APIX – The Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association and talked a bit about communities and the role they play in our industry. Today, I’m really excited to announce that we have become a member of Euro-IX, the European Internet Exchange Association. Euro-IX was the first industry association of this type

Elastic Interconnection Marches on to Northern Virginia

21715 Filigree Ct in Ashburn has been Megaported! The site is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in the Washington DC metro area (aka Northern Virgina or NoVA). Megaport’s NoVA metro fabric capabilities include

Forecast for The Windy City: More Clouds!

350 Cermak in Chicago has been Megaported! The site is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in the Chicago metro area. Megaport’s Chicago metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs) to key Cloud

Webair Joins Megaport Fabric

We are ecstatic Webair is going elastic and has joined the Megaport fabric in NYC. They are one of the premier Tier III data centres and managed service providers in the NYC Metro. This means more service options for the Megaport ecosystem. Sagi Brody, Chief Technical Officer, Webair said: “Megaport allows us to deepen our hybrid cloud offerings. The Megaport

Elastic Interconnection Shakes Up The Valley

Silicon Valley has been Megaported! Our newest site at 11 Great Oaks in San Jose is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in Silicon Valley. Megaport’s Silicon Valley metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross

Emerging Connectivity Trends

We love data. So we’re happy to share these graphs generated directly from data on our interconnection platform. It’s obvious the number of participants in our ecosystem continues to increase as evidenced by the number of plot points on the circular axis. But what’s really striking are the trends around service interconnections. The growth of available services for customers to

Cloud Connections in the Big Apple

111 8th Ave in NYC has been Megaported! The site is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in the NYC metro area. Megaport’s NYC metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs) to key

United States FCC Grants Megaport s214 license

We are pleased to let our customers and partners know that in October 2015, the FCC in the United States granted Megaport an International Section 214 license. This allows Megaport to enable international connectivity from markets outside the U.S. into the Megaport infrastructure that is currently being deployed into American markets. For our customers and investors, this is part of

BCT Enables Cloud Services on Megaport Fabric

We are delighted to announce BCT has joined the Megaport fabric as well as the Megaport Reseller Program! The Reseller Program enables BCT’s offerings to be available across the Megaport fabric and provides endless opportunities to add value to our ecosystem. “With Megaport’s elastic SDN-based interconnection fabric, Bendigo Telco BCT can significantly reduce the total time needed to deliver Azure


Well we’ve just had a big day – Megaport has lodged its’ prospectus for an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)!!! As part of the IPO Megaport is looking to raise an additional $25m to help fund our expansion in the US, Canada, and Europe. A copy of our prospectus can be found right here. For the next week

Cloud Connections in the City of Angels

600 West 7th St in Los Angeles has been Megaported! The site is now live and ready to provision orders. This is one of 32 builds in our current North American expansion plan and represents one of several core locations anchoring our elastic interconnection fabric in the LA metro area. Megaport’s LA metro fabric capabilities include Cloud Cross Connects (CXCs)

ECN enables Hosted Voice Cloud Solutions on Megaport Fabric

We’re pleased to welcome ECN who have enabled their Hosted Voice Cloud Solutions across the Megaport Fabric. ECN removes the need for hardware at the local office, thus, eliminating high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance. And being a cloud-based service, they allow a single phone system to service multiple sites, regardless of location and with no contract terms it aligns

Access Office 365 via ExpressRoute on Megaport

Some days you just get to share more awesome news than others. Today is definitely one of those days!!! We’re thrilled to announce that as, well right this very moment, that Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute connectivity for Office 365 is available on Megaport! (So many exclamation points of excitement!) Get the ease and efficiency of connecting to O365 on the leading,

Megaport is Here to Help Boost New Zealand Cloud Adoption

Like many innovative businesses across the world, Enterprises in New Zealand are looking to ride the wave of cloud adoption. A February 2015 Red Hat report titled, “ANZ Cloud Adoption Index,” reports that the top two benefits Enterprise organisations hope to derive from a cloud strategy are “Increased agility and Decreased cost.” Two key issues NZ Enterprises are solving for,

OrionVM making their services available via Megaport

I’m always excited when customers and partners show people how they are using Megaport to help their customers find not just great economics, but flexible terms on which to get a full suite of services delivered to them. When we get a chance to talk about any of our customers, I’m game. There are a lot of great companies connected

New Portal Hits Jackpot @ AWS re:Invent

Want to test drive the powerful platform that changed the way companies connect to the cloud? Here’s your chance to not only see it in action, but also experience it for free (more about that further below). We’re here at AWS re:Invent demonstrating our brand new portal. It’s a faster, streamlined, and more powerful way to instantly and directly connect

WordPress Joins Megaport Fabric

This week we are happy to annouce that WordPress.com is joining hundreds of Internet peering participants on the the Megaport Fabric via AS2635. WordPress.com is the industry leading open source website creation tool and the most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence. Many Fortune 500 companies utilise their services and software globally. Additionally, we’re very excited that

Breaking and Developing: News Corp Australia Joins The Fabric!

At Megaport, we are pioneering elastic fabrics and creating a better way for networks and cloud services to interconnect. In fact, we built the industry’s first SDN-enabled, elastic interconnection fabric. Users connect to a ubiquitous Ethernet fabric, the Megaport Fabric, allowing wider coverage, faster speed to market while reducing costs, and enabling real-time provisioning across one platform. Today we are

Joining the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association

  Communities play an integral role in society by connecting people who share common values and interests. Whether it’s a small group of research scientists that share an interest in advancing medicine or a group of people that are passionate about swimming within a local city, communities exist to bring people and ideas together. Bringing like-minded people together through forums,

We’re super excited to officially announce the Megaport Reseller Program!

The Megaport Reseller Partner Program provides partners with extended coverage between data centers and cloud services and delivers a flexible, scalable experience for your end customers. As a Megaport Reseller Partner, you can establish multiple ports and services on behalf of your end customers and manage multiple virtual connections back to any service provider on the fabric. Our Megaport Reseller


Channel Manager, Josh Munro and Head of Ecosystem – ANZ, Matt Simpson accepting the Innovation Award on behalf of Megaport.   Last night at the 2015 ACOMM, Communications Alliance and CommsDay Awards, Megaport took home the award for Innovation – SME. This was for our SDN-based elastic connectivity platform that gives our customers the ability to instantly provision services and

Megaport rocket launches into the US

We are thrilled to announce that Megaport will expand into seven US markets in Q3/Q4 of 2015! Launched in Australia in 2013 as the first elastic interconnection platform, Megaport expanded into New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong in early 2015 and we have plans to repeat our success by doing the same thing in North America. We have built a

Microsoft Azure is coming to Megaport

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is coming to Megaport

We’re thrilled to announce that Megaport is now a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner! With Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute enabled, customers in any of Megaports 26 enabled data centres in Australia and New Zealand will be able to establish instant, dedicated, and secure connections to Microsoft Azure. With Megaport, customers can improve performance, get dedicated access to a global ecosystem of cloud

We’re Hiring!

Did someone say Megaport is hiring? At Megaport we’re always on the lookout for great people to join our team. If you’re a talented DevOps Engineer or Software Developer looking for a change of pace, come talk to us! We’re working hard building and iterating on systems that get used in the day to day operations of Megaport as well

HKCOLO is now connected to the Megaport Fabric

We are very excited to announce that Data Centre Provider HKCOLO is now connected to the Megaport Fabric! The introduction of Hong Kong Data Centre HKCOLO opens up connectivity to global cloud and content partners as well as extending our fabric reach to enterprise and government organisations. The Hong Kong market is growing rapidly and we see strong demand for

To commit, or not to commit?

To commit or not to commit, that is the question. Over the last few months we have had an unprecedented number of new enterprise customers join our fabric. One of the interesting trends we’ve seen is that more customers are asking us for a longer term commitment on their Megaport. But for what gain? We’ve always allowed our customers the

Nextgen, Alfred St, Fortitude Valley is now on-net!

Megaport is expanding and this facility adds to our growing coverage of 26 Data Centres in Australia and New Zealand. This reach gives Megaport users the ability to connect to major clouds, service providers and enterprises on one ubiquitous fabric. Our latest site, Nextgen Data Centre, Alfred St, Fortitude Valley is great news for our customers who can now connect

Automate your peering with Megaport IX

Megaport peer list now available in Euro-IX format With the number of peers at Megaport Internet Exchanges growing rapidly, we’ve been looking for new ways to help our peers find each other and get connected faster. In particular if you peer at a many different IX’s, keeping track of contact information, available locations and active peers can quickly become onerous.

Partner Spotlight – Virtutel

Continuing our regular series on how different businesses are leveraging our technology Virtutel is a Full Service Domestic and International Telecommunications provider of Private Network, Internet, Colocation and Voice services targeted at Business, Enterprise and Government, distributed through our Partner and Wholesale Channels. Our services are specifically specialised for System Integrators, IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers by providing them

Equinix HK2 is now connected to the Megaport Fabric

We are very excited to announce Equinix HK2 is now connected to the Megaport Fabric! The introduction of HK2 further opens up connectivity to global cloud and content partners as well as extending fabric reach to additional enterprise organisations. This means with one port, Megaport&#153 users can access a multitude of services across the region from any Megaport Enabled location.

Macquarie Telecom IC2 is now on-net!

We’re excited to announce that Macquarie Telecom, Sydney is now On-Net! Megaport is rapidly expanding with no plans of slowing down! On Friday, we hit our latest site, Macquarie Telecom, Intellicentre 2 Data Centre. This is great news for our customers at IC2 who can now connect to the fabric and access 34 Data Centres across APAC. For more information

We hit an awesome milestone last week

We hit an awesome milestone last week! We don’t like to brag about the things we do at Megaport, even though we are all very proud of our service and the value it provides our customers, but we felt like we hit a recent milestone really worth shouting about. I really feel like it is always appropriate for startups to

Megaport Hosts Hybrid Cloud Workshop

Megaport hosts the first Hybrid Cloud Workshop with CloudTrek and Arcserve On Tuesday afternoon, Megaport teamed up with AWS consulting experts CloudTrek and backup solutions provider, Arcserve to host the first Hybrid Cloud Workshop. The workshop provided an insight into how a business can maximise and balance the use of it’s internal assets while enabling better scalability and cost efficiency

Megaport at the AWS Summit, Singapore

Left to right: Matt Simpson, Belinda Flanders, Prashant Gyan, Alvin Wong Megaport at the AWS Summit, Singapore Today, Matt Simpson and Belinda Flanders are in Singapore attending the AWS Summit. This is our third AWS summit for the year with some unique technical sessions aligned to the region. It was great to catch up with our local partners, Minjar who

Megaport and Brocade Awarded with Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for 2015

Megaport and Brocade win a joint innovation award for 2015 Last week Megaport and Brocade were honoured with a joint award from Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for 2015. This award notes the work we have done with our software stack using Brocade devices in the build out of our services infrastructure that is API-enabled and software driven across Australia, New

Nextgen 22 Walsh is live!

We’re excited to announce that Nextgen, 22 Walsh Street, Melbourne is now On-Net! This facility adds to our growing coverage of 24 Data Centres in Australia and New Zealand which gives Megaport users the ability to connect to major clouds, service providers and enterprises on one ubiquitous fabric. Stay tuned for more new sites we’re deploying in the coming weeks.

ITW 2015 done and done

Megaport just wrapped up our ITW 2015 event schedule We are done with another one I thought I would just take some time to reflect on the conference, what it has meant for Megaport, our customers, and leave you guessing just how much coffee was consumed during this event. For those of you unfamiliar with ITW (International Telecoms Week), this

AWS Auckland Summit Wrap Up

  Congratulations to AWS for another successful summit series. Megaport are proud to take part in the partner community as Gold sponsors of the Sydney and Auckland Summits for 2015! More than 1,200 people attended the first AWS Auckland summit and many attended the Megaport presentation on Network Orchestration with Web Services. We heard from many of those on the

Megaport is in Chicago for ITW 2015

See you next week at ITW Chicago Megaport is headed to Chicago for yet another International Telecoms Week conference. Our CEO, Denver Maddux, will be meeting with our customers and partners along with Brynn Maddux and founder Bevan Slattery over four days and attending several social events. Our hospitality suite will be in the Hyatt Regency, McCormick room, silver level,

Megaport a Semi-Finalist in the Pipeline Innovation Awards 2015

When it rains, it pours. As the saying goes, “when it rains, it pours.”  Megaport is excited to announce, for the second time in as many days, that we are a semi-finalist for another award category: Pipeline’s Innovation Awards in 2015! Every year, Pipeline recognizes industry innovators for their role in pushing the communications sector forward.  This year Megaport will

Megaport on the Shortlist for Asia Communications Awards 2015

Finalist for the Best Enterprise Service award Megaport is very excited to announce that we’ve been selected by totaltele.com as a finalist for Best Enterprise Service in the Asia Communications Awards this year!  We are proud to have our platform recognized for its value to the Enterprise community. With highly flexible terms, instant activation of connections to hundreds of services

AWS Summits in Auckland and Singapore

  See you in Auckland or Singapore Now that the AWS Summit has concluded in Sydney, our attention turns to the next couple events in Auckland (on 13 May) and Singapore (on 19 May). Megaport will have a booth and be presenting a session regarding network orchestration in Auckland. We would love to see you there for a personalised session.

Megaport-Sponsored Hybrid Cloud Workshop in Brisbane

Signup now for this exclusive free session Are you deploying data in more places, and not sure how to juggle private and public workloads? Looking to only move certain workloads and keep the rest on premise within your data centre? CloudTrek, Arcserve, and Megaport invite you to join us Tuesday afternoon, 19 May, 2015 in Brisbane: learn how to maximize

AWS Summit Sydney Wrap-Up

  Next stops – Auckland then Singapore Megaport was happy to play a prominent part in the AWS Summits this year, and we wanted to offer our thanks now that Sydney has concluded. We hope you were able to stop by our booth, our breakout session, or both if you attended. We also want to remind everyone that we will

Visit Newest APN Technology Partner at AWS Summit Sydney

Megaport is excited to announce that we have joined the Amazon Web Services APN program as a Technology Partner! This important benchmark helps us communicate important AWS Direct Connect options and updates to our user base, both current and future. It also allows better integration and partner options if our users are connecting multiple solutions together from the APN community.

Peering Partner Spotlight: Hurricane Electric

Meet one of the largest IPv6 networks in the world Our partners are the bread and butter for Megaport, and this week we are proud to feature Hurricane Electric, who joins hundreds of other peering members in our fabric on AS6939. Hurricane Electric operates a global Internet backbone and is one of the largest IPv6 networks. Their reach spans North

Google Cloud Platform Updates

Our partners at the Google Cloud Platform have been busy lately! The Interconnection group has released several new features in the last few weeks, and made them formal today on the Google Cloud Platform blog. Some of the new features include general availability of Cloud DNS, a Beta version of VPN, and load balancing options in several new locations globally.

Peering Partner Spotlight: Verizon Digital Media Services

Megaport takes a lot of pride in showcasing members of our platform. This week we wanted to call attention to Verizon Digital Media Services (which EdgeCast Networks is now a part of), one of the now over-200 peering members reachable from our fabric. Verizon Digital Media Services has a worldwide content delivery network serving millions of consumers from multiple locations

Megaport adds ME1

We’re proud to announce that Megaport has added a new location to the ANZ platform; Equinix ME1. We’re excited to open this hub to the growing Port Melbourne campus and Megaport users, providing access to greater business opportunities by connecting customers and partners. For more information on how to get connected into the Megaport community at this or any site,

Some Recent Peering Additions

Our IX needs some love. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about our IX lately, but it needs some well-deserved love. Over the past few weeks, Megaport is pleased to announce that we’ve brought several major content networks into the fold, including some names you may have heard before: Netflix, Apple, and WordPress. Netflix Netflix is just launching

Megaport adds ME1

We’re proud to announce that Megaport has added a new location to the ANZ platform; Equinix ME1. We’re excited to open this hub to the growing Port Melbourne campus and Megaport users, providing access to greater business opportunities by connecting customers and partners. See more about this Equinix facility at http://www.equinix.com.au/locations/australia-colocation/melbourne-data-centers/me1/  Get connected For more information on how to get connected

IX Update

Sydney Netflix (AS2906) ABC (AS9342) Limelight Virtutel (AS24516) Anchor (AS18020) Rackspace (AS58683) Vetta Technologies Ltd (AS132918) Lightwire (AS45267) Campaign Monitor (AS133873) Servers Australia (AS45671) Hostcorp AS45486) Delion (AS55555) iSeek (AS9723) UnitedIP (AS23669) Choopa LLC (AS20473) ECN (AS9652) Interconnekt (AS132627) NOW (AS9876) Brisbane ABC (AS9342) BigAir (AS24093) SlicedTech (AS56135) HostDC (AS23670) NOW (AS9876) Melbourne ABC (AS9342) Campaign Monitor (AS133873) NOW (AS9876)

Developer Console Launched!

Last week, Megaport launched the first version of our Developer portal with documentation, code and interactive samples for working with the Megaport API. Over time we’ll be working on populating the site with some libraries for the major languages and some more code samples that you can find on our Github page. The Developer portal offers a great way to

Fortune comes in threes

Three new locations in Hong Kong and Auckland This week we announced the live launch of three distinct locations; two in Hong Kong as part of a full market launch, and an added location in Auckland, NZ. Hong Kong Users at Equinix HK1 and Mega-iAdvantage in Hong Kong can now order services to any other Megaport user at either location

Megaport becomes newest Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner

Connect to Google Cloud Platform more quickly and easily than ever Megaport, a leading software-based communications provider, announced today that it has become a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner to offer interconnection services to Google Cloud Platform. With GCI enabled, Megaport users and affiliates will be able to reach the Google Cloud Platform via Enterprise-grade connections to Google’s network

API Highlight: Ordering

Four ways to order services via our API In this post we’ll look at the process for systematically ordering services using the Megaport API. Currently there are four service types which can be ordered, three are widely available and the fourth is limited to partners. MEGAPORT IX VXC MEGADIRECT The IX&#153, VXC&#153 and MEGADIRECT&#153 service types are all dependent on

Megaport Singapore is live!

Customers can now order services on Megaport’s self service portal at Equinix SG1, Equinix SG2, Digital Realty Trust (DRT) and Global Switch locations in Singapore. Megaport will be hosting a launch party tonight at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum.

Capacity Asia 2014 in Bangkok

The Megaport team wrapped up at Capacity Asia last Thursday after three successful days of meetings and presenting on the exhibition stand. Our CEO, Denver Maddux, gave a presentation on the third day regarding how Megaport is building a better way for networks and cloud to interconnect. Thank you, Capacity Asia, for hosting this event at the Plaza Athenee, Bangkok.

Megaport is now live in New Zealand

Megaport is now live in New Zealand. Customers can order services at The Data Centre with Datacom coming online in the following weeks. We’re excited to add The Data Centre, Auckland as part of our Megaport network. Megaport users can now create Virtual Cross Connects (VXCs) between Auckland and our Australian data centre network – giving access to global cloud


We’re here in the US as a Platinum Sponsor of AWS re:Invent, discussing how Megaport can expand the AWS footprint with Partners and Enterprise Customers. There is a great vibe at the event with many of the delegates wanting to know more about Elastic Connectivity. If you’re at AWS re:Invent come and see us at stand 603 or look for

Wholesale Telcos Night of Nights

Megaport was nominated for the Cloud Innovation Award at last night’s Global Carrier Awards in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, we missed out, but we’re still honoured to be recognised in this field by our peers. Congratulations to all winners and nominees, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

See you in Vegas

Join Megaport in the largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community at AWS re:Invent next week. Megaport is a Platinum sponsor of the event and we are excited to be presenting a breakout session, ‘Elastic Bandwidth in a Cloud Computing World’. AWS are offering a live stream of the keynotes and selected breakout sessions on November 12 and

ABC joins Megaport

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the ABC to our Sydney MegaIX which will give Megaport users access to ABC iview content. Denver Maddux, newly appointed CEO of Megaport said, “We are incredibly excited to see ABC join the Megaport platform. Bringing ABC iView into a peering model is hugely important to the Australian market and we are honoured

Megaport kicks off November at Capacity Europe

We are in Amsterdam this week for Capacity Europe, where our newly appointed CEO, Denver Maddux, has just finished facilitating the keynote of day two – Cloud Intelligence Insights: Preparing the cloud for the IoT future. This will be the first in a long line of speaking engagements Megaport has planned for November. Keep an eye out for us at

Megaport Open Alliance newest inductee: Vibe Communications

Our week of fast and exciting news continues as we welcome Vibe Communications from New Zealand as the newest participant in the Megaport Open Alliance. Megaport is providing Vibe our standard 10 Gbps ports in New Zealand with the same pricing structure as Australia, billable in New Zealand, Australian or US dollars. In turn, Vibes new venture, IntelliPath has full

It’s Mega Monday!

  The Megaport offices are buzzing today as news of our new CEO, global expansion plans and fibre assets de-merger are announced. New Chief Executive Officer New Chief Executive Officer, Denver Maddux joins us from Microsoft where he was Senior Director, Global Network Services. His appointment comes as we prepare for rollout into North America, Europe and Asia. Global expansion

We’re boosting our IX

Megaport is attracting local and international content providers and carriers onto our IX platform each month, and we are now boosting our Metro IX in Australia with a new 1 Gbps dedicated Peering Port. With a MegaIX service you have full access to the Megaport portal and smart phone application suite, and the following features: Monitor USAGE graphs Service status

MegaIX presented at APIX

Cameron was back on stage presenting at the APIX Conference in Brisbane on Sunday. MegaIX was on show, this time with a focus on some of the software tools we’ve developed and a look at how Megaport is fine-tuning our deployment strategy in order to build networks cost-effectively and rapidly in APAC and beyond. Read more on our IX. The

A visit to the Philippines

Our team is in the Philippines this week for the Asia Carrier Conference. We hosted a client event yesterday with our friends at SubPartners. At the beachside event, our guests were informed of new developments with Megaport and SubPartners, including updates on Megaport’s dark fibre network in Singapore and SubPartner’s cable systems. The guys now have a busy couple of

Telco’s don their kilts at the ARN ICT Industry Awards

Megaport was proud to attend the ARN ICT Awards on Wednesday night, where we were nominated for Service Provider of the Year. Celebrating Brave Hearts was the theme for the night, highlighting channel courage within the ICT industry. Megaport weren’t successful with our nomination but it was still a great honour to be recognised by our channel peers. Congratulations to

Megaport presents its IX at AusNOG 2014

Megaports Principal Engineer, Cameron Daniel, presented at the annual AusNOG Conference in Sydney yesterday. Cameron’s presentation focused on the extent of our IX deployment over the past 12 months along with some details of our expansion and upgrade plans for the next 12 months. He also highlighted how the Megaport platform can enable better data centre connectivity as a result

Beers with peers at Equinix Peering Forum

Belinda and Michael were in Taipei last week for the Equinix Peering Forum, where Belinda had the privilege of presenting Megaports NaaS platform. The guys received positive feedback from the audience and word quickly spread throughout the forum on how powerful and easy-to-use the Megaportal is. Thank you to Equinix and our peers for hosting Megaport. We look forward to

Megaport is now live at PIPE DC4

We are very excited to announce that we are live at PIPE DC4 (148 Brunswick Street) and taking orders today. As noted previously, TPG Telecom (owner of PIPE Networks) objected to Megaport installing fibre into its data centres at 127 Creek St, Brisbane and 148 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. Since the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) resolved an objection made by

Megaport is heading West

The Megaport team will be heading to Perth this week for a full week of events and meetings. Our Partner Program roadshow continues on Tuesday 19th at the Four Points Sheraton, where we will be presenting our MegaDirect 1Gbps Partner offering. This is a great opportunity to meet the team and learn as much as you can about becoming a

API Highlight: Services

In this post we’ll cover the service layout, how the different resources fit together to form a complete service and grab some live data on the service status. If you haven’t read the introduction post to this series, I’d suggest starting there for some background. Let’s start by listing the services that I have access to. # /secure/servicegroup/person/:personId curl -X

Megaport CEO, Bevan Slattery, interviewed for Capacity Magazine

Click through to read the full interview where Bevan Slattery discusses Megaports year in review and what lies ahead for our expansion into Asia. Read the full article here.

API Highlight: Introduction

One of the key features of the Megaport service is our flexible network model. The core of the system is the Megaport API and over the coming months we’ll be doing a series of posts around the API with some usage information and examples. Architecture The software stack was designed to be modular, allowing us to easily add and remove

Welcome Fujitsu

Megaport announces Fujitsu, North Ryde. As a well established data centre, the addition of the Fujitsu facility at Macquarie Park brings access to a wealth of new service providers and content providers to the Megaport ecosystem. Stay tuned for more data centres coming online soon.

Portal Highlight: Service Groups

A common complaint we hear about regarding supplier web portals is that if a single person needs access to multiple companies, that person generally needs to maintain multiple accounts. One of the core concepts in the Megaportal is the idea that all our services belong to a Service Group. A Service Group is owned by a company and permissions are

API Highlight: Introduction

One of the key features of the Megaport service is our flexible network model. The core of the system is the Megaport API and over the coming months we’ll be doing a series of posts around the API with some usage information and examples. Architecture The software stack was designed to be modular, allowing us to easily add and remove

Megaport comes to Melbourne

This week we’re announcing availability of our Megaport&#153 and MegaDirect&#153 products across three sites in Melbourne CBD. Welcome MDC 530 Collins St, Vocus 530 Collins St and Primus 55 King St. These three sites are part of our Melbourne City Campus allowing elastic connectivity at very cost effective pricing, also adding more flexibility and diversity to the Megaport network.

Megaport welcomes our newest hire… Josh Munro

Megaport is pleased to announce Josh Munro as Channel and Partner Manager – Australia. Josh has been part of the industry for close to 10 years and worked in a wide range of roles. He brings technical product knowledge to the role and has a real passion for customer satisfaction. The MegaDirect&#153 product is only available as part of our

CloudFlare connected to MegaIX

Last week, US based content delivery network, CloudFlare, announced their connection to the Megaport network and is participating on the Megaport Internet Exchange in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. MegaIX offers access to the multitude of networks on the Megaport platform with a single connection. By accessing content in the Megaport ecosystem directly over the Megaport network, customers can save on

Welcome to Megaport News

We dropped our first newsletter yesterday. The first edition includes a view from the Megaportal by Megaport CEO and Founder, Bevan Slattery. You can catch up on the first edition now, and subscribe to future editions. You can also drop us a line at newsletter@megaport.com with your suggestions for future editions.

Megaport guest speaker at AWS Partner Insight Session

Following a successful MegaDirect roadshow last week, Megaport was again on the road as guest speaker at an AWS Partner Insight Session in Melbourne yesterday. Megaport CEO, Bevan Slattery, gave a presentation on how Megaport has addressed the disconnect between cloud based offerings and telco providers with our rapid, on-demand connectivity options to major cloud and managed service providers, like

Megaport Connect – introducing the Megaport Partner Program

We are pleased to announce our new wholesale offering to Megaport Partners – MegaDirect. This new 1Gbps service is available only to Channel Partners with an existing 10Gbps port, and enables a partner to deliver a direct virtual cross connect from their network direct into their customers rack. Kicking off yesterday in Brisbane, Megaport CEO, Bevan Slattery, will be hosting

Elastic Connectivity in action.

Megaport CEO, Bevan Slattery, presented Megaports Network-as-a-Service and the role that Elastic Connectivity has in the evolution of networking. As promised, we have the video of his breakout session. Watch it here. Bevan explains how Megaports elastic connectivity model compliments AWS elastic computing by providing a simple solution to the end user. Megaport are sponsors of the AWS roadshows in

Have you heard? We’re hiring

Megaport is growing at a remarkable rate and to keep up with the pace, we’re on the hunt for more talent. We have positions available at all levels, based locally and others internationally. Are you our next Superhero? Click here to read the full list of vacancies here. If you’re curious about what it’s like to work at a company like

Today we’re at the IDC Safari in Hong Kong

The Megaport team is in Hong Kong today at the IDC Safari Exhibition and Conference with Megaport CEO, Bevan Slattery, soon to present our Network-as-a-Service platform to conference delegates. Megaport are proud sponsors of this one day event, organised by Hong Kong Colo, and we are looking forward to introducing Hong Kong to Megaport and our elastic connectivity approach. Have

Megaport wins against PIPE Networks at the TIO

Megaport is pleased to announce that the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has resolved an objection made by PIPE Networks in Megaport’s favour. As previously reported on this blog, TPG Telecom (owner of PIPE Networks) objected to Megaport installing fibre into its data centres at 127 Creek St, Brisbane and 148 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley.  This has temporarily prevented Megaport from

Megaport welcomes new Data Centres

Megaport is happy to announce the addition of 317 Edward St, Brisbane and 55 Crockford Street, Melbourne to the Megaport network. Faster connections, flexible access and partner relationships are at the core of Megaports elastic connectivity model. The addition of these data centres only adds to the diversity of our network. Stay tuned for further connections over the coming months.

ITW done and dusted

The Megaport team have had a successful trip to ITW this week and are preparing for the long journey home. We expect to see some droopy eyes as the guys recover from back to back meetings all week. The opportunity to connect with the large number of contacts makes it all worthwhile however, particularly reaching out to old and new

Megaport is Chicago bound

The Megaport team is busy getting ready for the annual International Telecommunications Week (ITW) conference in Chicago next week. Belinda, Michael and the team are excited to be part of this major event on the wholesale telco calendar. Our team has a packed schedule heading into the week long event, with back-to-back client meetings from across the globe. The hot

Take the fast road to AWS

From the convenience of your smartphone, you can connect to AWS faster than you can imagine. Megaport not only gives you instant access but we provide you the elastic connectivity you need for your elastic compute services. That means on-demand, flexible bandwidth and fast provisioning over an industry standard Ethernet over MPLS platform. We don’t discriminate against your data centre

Megaports new business connectivity platform is coming!

The Megaport team takes Network-as-a-Service seriously, which is why we’re excited about the upcoming release of the newest addition to our elastic ecosystem. The new customer connection marketplace will allow Megaport customers to showcase their products and services via their own unique company profile and transact with Megaport users globally. Facilitating this type of connectivity between our customers and partners

Megaport presents its GIS Fiber Manager at ESRI Directions

Megaport’s GIS Manager, Samantha Brunnen, recently presented a case study at Brisbane’s ESRI Directions seminar. Titled ‘Extending the ArcGIS Platform’, the case study discussed extending the ArcGIS Platform using a Fibre Manager. Samantha introduced the GIS community to the world of telecommunications by illustrating how Megaport’s approach to creating connections required the build of our own fibre network. The case

Megaport receives overwhelming response at the AWS Summit

On the back of our recent partnership with AWS, Megaport were Platinum Sponsors at this year’s AWS Summit in Sydney. From our partner AWS to the multitude of Enterprise visitors to our stand, there was overwhelming support towards our Network-as-a-Service approach. It is pleasing to see that the market is recognising the innovation and importantly the difference Megaport can make

Megaport hosts 20th Anniversary Dinner at CommsDay Summit

Megaport was proud to sponsor this years CommsDay dinner in Sydney on Tuesday night. Close to 300 guests enjoyed the Telco event of the year, which included heartfelt comments from some of the industry’s best. Fond memories were recalled of the CommsDay Magazines influential 20 year history, from recognized Industry leaders including our own Bevan Slattery, and CommsDay’s own Graham

Michael Malone (MM) announces his resignation

Today is a day of mixed emotions, but mostly a tremendous sense of thankfulness and pleasure. Today is the day Michael Malone (MM) announced his resignation as CEO of iiNet. To understand how intertwined MM and iiNet (the company he founded many years ago) is in this industry, and in particular his involvement in the evolution of the industry, I’ll

The Asia Roadshow continues

h Susanna, Belinda and Michael are in Hong Kong this week onboarding new customers to the Layer 2 Megaport Fabric. Stay Tuned for some big news…

Sky Business News interview with Bevan Slattery

Megaport Founder and CEO, Bevan Slattery, talks to Sky Business News on how Megaport’s Layer 2 Platform is revolutionising the way businesses interconnect. Watch the interview here

Megaport sponsors Sage_AU IPv6 Roadshow

  Our new Channel and Partner Manager for Australia, Libby Trickett introduces Megaport to the National IPv6 Roadshow members and live stream guests. Last week Megaport proudly sponsored the IPV6 roadshow in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Some of our Megaport team attended the roadshow at the Google office in Sydney to host the event and live webcast. Sage_AU and IPv6Now

Singapore’s Newest Carrier

The Megaport team is busy in Singapore. Our Strategic Sales Director and Channel and Partner Manager are meeting with anchor customers before the greatly anticipated launch of the Megaport Layer 2 Fabric in the coming weeks. The Megaport platform will initially be available between 3 major data centres across the country with around 10 data centres to follow. We are

Behind the scenes of Megaport’s Network-as-a-Service platform

The Megaport Network-as-a-Service platform dramatically simplifies the process of creating and provisioning networks for our customers, however it takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to provide this level of simplicity. While the platform is built on a number of core components, the backbone of the service is our fibre network which is used to deliver high-speed, high-bandwidth

Megaportal is now live!

Megaport’s revolutionary new Network-as-a-Service portal launched yesterday at a private media only event in Sydney. “We are very excited to be the first provider in the country to provide a self service application that gives Megaport customers the control and manage on-demand elastic connections in real time.” Peter Galloway from AWS joined Megaport’s exclusive media launch as a valued partner.

The expansion continues

The Megaport rollout continues in Australia with the Dark Fibre network construction activities well underway. Brisbane and Melbourne Dark Fibre builds will be completed in April followed by Sydney in June. This current Dark Fibre network rollout will complete the east coast network. Upon completion, Megaport will be live in around 31 data centres on the east coast of Australia.

Introducing…Libby Trickett

Megaport is pleased to announce our newest hire, Libby Trickett, as National Channel and Partner Manager for Australia. A triple Olympian with multiple gold medals to her name, Libby is no stranger to the dedication, commitment and work ethic required to be the best at what you do. “I am thrilled to be taking up a new challenge in the

Megaport introduces Australia’s first Network-as-a-Service platform

Megaport, Australia’s first Network-as-a-Service platform, is proud to announce Megaportal, a unique, self-service interface for on-demand network services. Launching in February, Megaportal will give customers the ability to monitor and control almost every aspect of their Megaport services, using a web-based portal, with mobile apps available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play shortly after. Megaportal allows customers to access

Megaport to Lay Foundations in Singapore with Dark Fibre Network Rollout

New High-Speed Dark Fibre Network Will Meet Current and Future Needs of Data Generating Businesses with Specialised, Dedicated Higher Bandwidth Services. Today we announced that we will commence the rollout of the initial phase of a high-speed dark fibre network in Singapore over the next 6-12 months, with an initial investment of SG$20 million. Subsequent phases of the network could

Megaport Set to Deliver Network Innovation in Singapore

We are proud to announce the launch of our network interconnection services in Singapore, as part of our rapid expansion plans throughout Asia Pacific. We have been granted a Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) Licence by the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, which will allow us to build and operate telecommunications infrastructure in the Singapore market. The initial launch in Singapore

Megaport Announces Key Senior Hires and Commitment to Singapore’s Telecommunications Market

Innovative Network Interconnection Service Provider Set to Open Singapore Office in 2014 to Support Enterprise, Service Providers and Network Partners. We are proud to announce two new executives for the company’s leadership team and its vision to become the leading independent network interconnection provider in the Asia Pacific region. Ms. Belinda Flanders joins as Channel and Partner Manager for Asia,

Welcome to Hawaii!

The Megaport team has been greeted with amazing weather as they arrive at Hawaii for the PTC 14 conference.

Megaport Temporarily Suspends New Megaport Orders From PIPE Networks’ Datacentres

We regret to announce that Megaport has suspended accepting new orders in PIPE Networks’ data centres due to objections by PIPE’s owner, TPG Telecom. Following our highly successful launch in July 2013, Megaport received orders for numerous services in PIPE Networks’ DC1/2 and DC3/4 data centres at 127 Creek St, Brisbane and 148 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley. TPG Telecom (owner

Cabling a 384 port router

In one of our first blog entries we posted photos of our brand new MLXe routers. Since then we’ve put a lot of work into installing these large routers in data centres around the country. This photo shows a total of seventy-two installed 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 100GE ports. With up to 384 ports and 768 fibres in

Migration Migraine?

Did you know that you can use Megaport to do data centre migrations? In the past, migrations from one facility to another required negotiating expensive connectivity contracts with carriers for the relatively short term required to transfer data and services from one data centre to another. This often involves getting stuck with having to sign a three month contract as

Megaport Launches AWS Direct Connect Service

As a leading independent provider of Interconnection services we are proud to announce Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available to all of our customers via the Megaport Interconnection Platform. We delivered our first AWS Direct connect service recently, which was between the Customer’s Megaport located at the NEXTDC B1 facility in Brisbane and the AWS Megaport located in Equinix

Fine tuning route advertisements

  Megaport provides two BGP route servers to make connecting to all peers on our network simple and fast. With just one BGP session you can pick up routes from almost all of the connected networks. Using the route servers however can hamper traffic engineering as all routes are advertised to all peers equally. To help work around this limitation

We Dial Before We Dig!

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is an important part of building and maintaining any underground infrastructure. For those who are unsure what Dial Before You Dig is, here is a quick run-down. What is Dial Before You Dig? Dial Before You Dig is the national referral service for information on underground infrastructure. It puts those who wish to dig or

AWS Direct Connect partner

AWS Direct Connect is a way to establish a dedicated connection into the AWS cloud. Using Direct Connect rather than accessing AWS over the public internet allows you to reduce your bandwidth costs, delivers more consistent network performance and delivers private connectivity into an Amazon VPC permitting a degree of network separation between your public and private cloud resources. We

Tags and Tape!

When constructing a fibre network, you often have to share common underground facilities that the physical cable runs through – these can be ducts or tunnels. The cables then run through conduits (often 100mm) and subduct is used inside the conduit (typically 32mm). With hundreds of cables passing through some manholes, being able to easily identify your cable is critical

A brief history of Fibre Optics

While fibre technology has become ubiquitous in today’s modern telecommunications networks, did you know that fibre optic technology has been around for a very long time and is quite simple in concept. Glass dates back to around 3000BC and the Romans were drawing glass into fibre as early as 27BC. So while fibre has become an everyday technology ranging from

Fibre Maintenance

The difference between a stable link and unexplained errors on a network interface may be hard to spot. The image on the left (A) is the tip of an OS1 patch lead at 200x zoom, the image on the right (B) is the same patch lead after it’s been touched by a foreign object. Most surfaces are covered in microscopic

110 Megaports and counting!

As more and more people discover the benefits of Megaport, we have been busy meeting the accelerating demand for services. We are continuing to expand and add new customers at an astounding rate. We now have over 110 Megaports and over 1Tbps of connectivity and we are very excited to be able to share the benefits of our network with

Megaport GIS

When you’re managing a fibre optic network from a central office, searching for buried assets onsite or planning future system expansion, you need very accurate real-world information mapped to your physical network. With a fibre-based GIS we have an intuitive, visual interface that helps us understand and manage the entire fibre network. Whether you are planning, building or performing maintenance,

Perth Permits for APX-West

We are in Perth this week holding meetings with the numerous agencies and state departments that are involved in the permitting process for APX-West. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce the project in detail as well as ensuring that we have all the information we need to lodge our permits. Our environmental scientist is there to assist with presenting

Megaport live at NEXTDC S1

The last several weeks have been extremely busy at Megaport. We are very excited to announce that we have completed the deployment of equipment in NEXTDC S1 (Sydney). This is great news for our customers who have been eagerly waiting for that location to go live! Because of our highly structured and efficient approach to site deployment, we can light

Amazon Web Services and Megaport

Megaport is very proud to announce that we will shortly be the newest AWS Direct Connect partner in Australia! With AWS interfacing directly into Megaport via their own allocated 10Gb/s Megaport VXC, AWS customers can now utilise the power of the Megaport network to do temporary mass-dumps of data into S3 or EBS, do short term computes and eventually access

Megaport VXCs

The VXC offering at Megaport is being well taken up with a number of VXCs already active in Sydney. With the infrastructure cabling in Brisbane and Melbourne now complete Megaport is also proud to announce the availability of inter-capital VXCs. For those who are unfamiliar, a VXC (or Virtual X-Connect) is a point-to-point ethernet link between two Megaports. The VXC

AusNOG 2013

Mitch, Cam and Rob were recently in Sydney to attend AusNOG 2013. It was a great opportunity for the guys to chat with network operators and to answer questions about Megaport and Megaport services. People were very interested in using Megaport VXCs as a seamless way to connect end-customers to third-party services. There was also a lot of interest in

10×10 MSA

The 10×10 MSA is an alternative optical interface definition developed by a number of network vendors and transceiver manufacturers in order to bridge the perceived gap that existed between 100G over multimode fibre and the existing singlemode IEEE standard, 100GBASE-LR4. Existing CFP modules use a CAUI electrical interface operating at 10 x 10G lanes. 100GBASE-LR4 has four optical lanes so


As we rapidly continue to add customers to the Megaport network, we have reached an impressive milestone in just weeks. We have well over 500Gbps of customer capacity already, and with the network growing daily, these are truly exciting times for the industry and all the guys here at Megaport.

Megaport and GIS

GIS is a vital tool in the telecommunications industry. One function of GIS that is often overlooked is address validation. When a customer requests a service at a new site or data centre, GIS systems can be used to instantly validate the address. Customers can use GIS to verify their service locations. When the target service location is unknown, a

Systems Integration strategy

The Systems Integration strategy at Megaport is based around the use of RESTful APIs – both internally and for external integration. This gives us the flexibility to use the best tool for the job at hand without limiting ourselves to single languages or tools. Using HTTP for RESTful services means we get all the scalability, reliability, and security of tools

A BIRD in the hand

Megaport has selected BIRD to perform the route server function for our Internet Exchanges. Each IX will be supported by two redundant route servers operating locally in each city. BIRD allows us tremendous flexibility in the way we filter and distribute BGP routes between peers. One important feature is the ability to remove its own AS number from the path

Expanding fast!

Today we announced a number of additional Megaport interconnect sites which will be available in October this year. These new sites include AAPT (55 Clarence Street), Fujitsu North Ryde and Vocus (Doody Street, Alexandria) in Sydney. In Melbourne we’ve added AAPT (376 Flinders Street), Primus (55 King Street) and Vocus (55 Crockford Street). In Brisbane, AAPT (100 Wickham Street and

The Megaport Network Engineers

Introducing Mitchell Warden and Cameron Daniel our Network Engineers. Both Mitchell and Cameron have extensive experience in deploying, configuring and maintaining large-scale networks. Their efforts have resulted in the successful delivery of the Megaport network. Mitchell and Cameron are also responsible for the maintenance and scalability of the growing Megaport network.

Passive fibre equipment

Over the last little while we have been busily readying our network for launch. In addition to the active equipment there is a lot of passive fibre equipment that has been installed at our interconnection points. Many thousand fibres have been hauled, prepared, cleaned, spliced and terminated to support the Megaport service. For our fibre equipment we have used Tyco’s

Megaport hardware install

At Megaport we have chosen Brocade as our network equipment Vendor. Brocade equipment is well know in the Industry as being reliable, highly scaleable and resilient. In addition, its ability to switch 6.4Tbps across the backplane makes it ideally suited to Megaport’s network. We have been busy inspecting, unpacking, configuring, installing and testing our new network infrastructure. To be testing

Building Megaport infrastructure

Megaport has been officially launched, but to get to launch stage a lot of work has gone into building the platform behind the scenes. Mitchell and Cameron, our Network Engineers, have spent a lot of time holed up in data centres racking, stacking, configuring and testing the Megaport network infrastructure making it all ready for the launch of the largest scale

Megaport has launched!

Megaport has launched! We are excited to be able to provide a new level of connectivity to service providers, carriers and most importantly some of the world’s largest content providers.

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